Are cruise lines biased on where they sail from in the UK?

There are more UK ports than just Southampton so why do they get most of the ships?

As a Northerner I would love to sail from Liverpool more instead of the long haul to Southampton which can sometimes take over 5 hours to get to and 8 hours back!!

As it is also a heavy industrial area it is not a pretty port in any shape  or form!

I was recently in Liverpool on a family fun day with Princess Cruises and although there seems not to be a problem with ships visiting for the day hardly any sail from there as an embarkation port which is such a shame and a huge loss to potential passengers.

In the main this is to do with the size of modern cruise ships today as until a new Cruise Terminal is built the current one cannot accommodate the turnaround of anything with more than 1800 passengers which rules out many of today’s gargantuan ships.

Liverpool would be an amazing place to start a cruise from for not only people from Lancashire and the surrounding areas like myself but also for potential passengers from further  North and into Scotland. It would literally halve the Scots journey time to a port.

There is so much to do and see, especially over the summer months when they have food kiosks and bars all along the Pier. Combine this with the Maritime Museum and Beatles Museum then why wouldn’t you want to come to Liverpool. As a matter of fact it is definitely worth spending a few days here.

The locals are great, if you can understand the thick scouse accent, and they love talking about their city.

So come on Cruise Lines give us Northerners what we want and bring us some more ships to this beautiful area.



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