Aaarrgghhh! I am going on a cruise! Stressed out already!

Probably not the headline that you were thinking of but as a mum of four any holiday is stressful and I am now at maximum stress level so beware!

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Ironing anyone?

The stress began on Monday when I realised I only have five days before we travel to Southampton to board the Emerald Princess for 14 nights. Most people would be excited but not me because I think I need to fire my Cruise Consultant as she still has to do the following:

  • book parking
  • book drinks packages for kids
  • book shore excursions
  • print tickets and perform origami on luggage labels

If I could I would fire her but unfortunately I am the Cruise Consultant! My husband and kids reckons I am rubbish.

To be fair I have had a bad week as my tumble dryer blew up (and with four kids this is a nightmare), then my Sky box stopped working and the thieving monkeys wanted £65 call out fee (I pay over £100 per month with them due to the package I have with them plus my broadband for work and phone line) then to really push me over the edge my car would not start! I had to call the RAC who sent a lovely man out who when he looked in the engine shook his head and declared it was catastrophic!

That was the straw that broke the camels back as I dissolved into floods of tears and the RAC man looked mortified as he declared, “I was only joking I can fix it straight away!”. I think he felt so bad that he had made me cry he topped up the oil and water and spent ages checking that everything was fine.

Then my middle son, Logan, aged 12 decided to bring his case downstairs to help me out as I had said there were a few things in the ironing that I needed to add to his case. This in itself was great except that my youngest son, Frazer, aged 9 also decided to help by bringing his suitcase down and in true Norman Wisdom style as he was coming down the stairs had not zipped the suitcase up and all his clothes began tumbling down the stairs. What could I do but laugh and say not to worry as he was only trying to help!

My eldest son, Conor, aged 19 then arrived home from his girlfriends with a black bin liner full of dirty clothes and said could I get them washed, dried and ironed for the holidays!.

Thankfully child number four which is my 17 year old daughter, Ashley, has packed her own case and is helping with the others.

At some point as well in the next few days I have to drive 3 1/2 hours to Scotland to take Miley, our Labrador , to my mother in laws who has kindly offered to look after her so she does not have to go into kennels and then I also have to get Flash, the mini lop rabbit, ready as he is being picked up Friday to go into boarding with a lovely lady who is also a qualified veterinary nurse.

Now my husband has just called me to let me know that Hurricane Gaston is heading our way just as we will be making the 263 mile trip to Southampton – maybe I should set off now!

Anyway if you  any questions about my cruise ship and line or the destinations I am visiting I will be sailing on the Emerald Princess and will be docking in Barcelona, Rome, Florence/Pisa, Ajaccio, Genoa, Marseille and Gibraltar.

Bon Voyage – out of office will be switched on shortly!!






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