How early is too early.

Right now most cruise lines are ready to launch their new season for 2019/20 and we all wait with baited breath to see what is on offer.

So is it really too early to book at the launch?

Actually no it’s not

Past passengers this is aimed especially for you as a lot of cruise lines rely on you doing this and their reward is extra money off and low deposits to name but two.
Cunard for instance have put the following out there

Number 1- Exclusive Early Access to All New Cruises Before General Sale
We all like a browse don’t we? A little bit of online shopping doesn’t go amiss and we all know we make some silly decisions when we feel rushed and its too late then.
So choosing to pre-register for your Cunard cruise will mean exclusive early access to all new cruises before the general sale hits all the last minute browsers and you can sit back all smug as you got in first.

Number 1-Choice of Stateroom
These are probably the most argued about 3 words ever in the world of cruising and it really is personal choice, the good thing about booking early is that you get the EXACT cabin you want and where you want it.
You know you wont be throwing open those curtains to the sight of a lifeboat so close you could climb in it. (smug moment number 2)

Number 1- On board Spending money
This is one I like as there just may be that handbag in the shop that you have looked at at least 5 times a day walking past, you so want it but feel guilty about spending so much on it, well don’t feel guilty just get it as your on board spending money will take care of it, oh yes.
(smug moment number 3)

Number 1- Priority Dining Times
This is such a simple one really but the amount of times people have chosen not to do the cruise just because the choice of dining time is not available is increasing, it’s true we like to dine at certain times and most people are fairly flexible but for some people it can make or break their cruise. Book early and guarantee the dining you want
(smug moment number 4)

Number 1- Parking at the port.
This is another one of those things that can annoy people, yes there are so many car parks to choose from but only the one run for the cruise company, this means you park in front of the ship, now and then you can get both spending money and car parking so it’s always good to watch for, 30 seconds walk rather than having to wait for transfers in a queue dragging your luggage along.
(smug moment number 5)

Number 1- (Exclusive to Guests) 8% Discount on Any Cunard Cruise!)
This says it all really.
Calling all past passengers of Cunard, welcome to a brilliant 8% discount (including past passenger discount) just to help you out a little- you’ve got our back so we’ve got yours.
( biggest smug moment of them all.)

So by now you may have noticed that I have listed them all number 1, the reason for this is simple, they are all as important to you as they are to the next person and they all deserve to be number 1.

So what are you waiting for get registered now.



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