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Hi my name is Carol I'm from Liverpool and I am a Liverpool fan ( had to get that in). I worked for Thomson for over 15 years, about 6 of these were dealing with just cruise for our flagship Cruisedeals store in Liverpool. I do love my cruises and…

Posted on Dec 4, 2018
Is there going to be a bidding war?

I am not sure if I would do this but in theory, it sounds like a good idea. The way it works is like this, from now on you can, on selected sailings bid to get an upgraded cabin. You choose the dollar amount that you would pay to do…

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Posted on Nov 20, 2018
What does a bumper car, sky diving and a ship have in common?

Well, the answer is, of course, the Anthem of the seas with its amazing facilities. It is now on sale for 2020 from Southampton at long last. It will sell fast so if its something you were watching, book it now I mean skydiving at sea!!! This is just one…

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Posted on Nov 6, 2018
What is the weather doing tomorrow?

How many times have you heard that on a cruise ship, its one of the first things you do in the day as soon as you get up, is it raining is it warm, what about windy, the British love their weather. It is even on the newspaper in the…

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Posted on Oct 23, 2018
I took a trip to Rome and i’m feline good…

One of the most popular places to visit on a Mediterranean cruise is Rome, ok its a long run to get there but it is worth it once you arrive. There is history around every corner with sights that have you stood there with your mouth open in awe of…

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Posted on Oct 9, 2018
They came, they saw and they conquered and Liverpool loved it

I said on my last blog that the Giants were coming to Liverpool and I would take some photos and video. Here a few of the photos of the days that they were here, I have lots more on my facebook page if you want to have a look. liverpool…

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Posted on Sep 24, 2018
The Giants are coming back!

Here in Liverpool, there are lots of things that happen in the city related to the Maritime history and the Titanic or just wonderful stories, but nothing captures the imagination like the story of the giants. The Sea Odyssey is based on a letter sent by a little girl to…

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Posted on Sep 10, 2018
Feeling a little goofy

In Liverpool we have a cracking little cruise terminal and there are lots of ships that visit during the summer but one of the most sought after to see, is the Disney cruise ship, this year it was the Disney Magic. In Liverpool when the ship is due in there…

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Posted on Aug 27, 2018
Mountain lions and Bears…a whale of a tail

I had a lovely day today, I had family visiting from Canada, they live not that far from Vancouver but way out in the wilds. They have neighbors quite close by but they have to be careful when they go out as they have bears that come to visit, fully…

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Posted on Aug 13, 2018
Luxury all the way on this lady!

I really have a wonderful job you know, I get to visit a lot of cruise ships and for a day I become a passenger and get to have a taste of it all. Some of these ships are more than I can afford, well when you pay for everyone…

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Posted on Jul 30, 2018
Spot the ship!!

On Saturday I was going on the Royal Princess for the day, we had to be at the port for 9 am, this for me was no problem as I live in Liverpool and she was in my hometown. The weather had taken a turn for the worse and had…

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