Farewell From “Cruise According To Cordelia”

I will shortly be leaving Cruise.co.uk, I’ll be sad to go but look forward to new adventures! Thanks to all of you who have booked with me and followed my blog.

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Another Shooting, How do you cope with acts of Terrorism?

I have just returned to work after a 3 week absence and arrived into the office with the news Monarch had gone into administration

together with the shocking news of yet another shooting incident, this time in Las Vegas, with (so far) 50 fatalaties this understandably is causing fear and anxiety. We in Europe have sadly had too many threats and acts of terrorism which does not diminish what the US is going through just to say our thoughts are with you. I am not here to blog about the US President or how he may be the root cause of threats and acts of violence because he is’nt.

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Hurricane Season Has Arrived…..What You Need To Know

Hurricanes are big news at the moment

We at Cruise Co are receiving daily bulletins from the many Cruise Lines effected by both Hurricane Harvey and Irma, as you would expect there have been itinerary changes, cancellations and delays.

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Your Cruise Ship Has left You Behind….What Do you Do

I recall some ago I and 15 of my colleagues were on an Educational (Travel industry speak for Freebies with a bit of work thrown in) visiting the islands of the Seychelles, one in particular is arrive only by sea, La Digue. We were due to meet our little ship to return all of us back to Praslin (next pick up was the following day) We were to all meet at the end of the Pier. At the appointed hour 11 of us were patiently waiting, the others now where in sight…Captain is getting impatient, (something to do with currents and shipping stuff) he wouldnt wait any longer and said “All Aboard NOW” And sure enough as we were sailing away, running towards the ship were our stranded colleauges. We all cheered, hurled light hearted banter as it dawned and realised OMG we’ve missed it. The term Pier runner suck and today I thought I would dedicate my blog to Pier Runners and how to avoid it, or what to do in the event of an OMG moment

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Does The Thought of Seasickness Put You Off Cruising?

If you suffer with seasickness or “Mal de Mer” as its known, you are not alone, if like many people it is reason not to cruise then you too are not alone.
A client of mine recently told me her Husband never accompanied her on a Cruise as he suffered with terrible sea sickness. This got me thinking (I am one of the lucky ones who can sail through choppy, calm or downright dangerous without so much as a hiccup) surely there must be something we can do to decrease the likelihood of illness.

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How Late In Pregnancy Can I Cruise?

This is a question I was asked by a customer of mine recently. Its been a long long time since I was pregnant and felt it about time I did a bit more research, I am guilty of just saying the standard “24 Weeks and a letter from your Doctor” reply.
And what about taking your infant on board? To parents with grown up kids (like myself) the idea of taking an infant on a cruise with all its “stuff” is “no thanks rather stay at home” But thankfully not everyone is like me…So how soon can our little cherubs travel with us?
Many years ago my husband and I owned a 38 footer (yacht that is..), and our own cherub started coming with us from age 2.. many many caveats, not least of which was some really good advice given to us by a fellow sea faring parent, “the age of the child times that by hours is the length of time they can be at sea” So my two year old, could in theory, spend two hours at sea… whilst that didnt work too well in terms of tides, ports and locks it never the less gave us a “heads up” that young children have limited capacity for life on board (on small ships) But the bigger ships (provided you have taken into consideration, feeding, milk, baby baths, car seats, strollers, sterilisers for bottles) your time on board will be fine. (have a look at our “Baby on Board”

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When The Unthinkable Happens

What Do You Do When The Worst Thing Imaginable Happens Whilst At Sea?

When booking your cruise either solo or with companions, the last thing you think about is “what would happen if I died whilst on board”? But more people than you imagine do indeed die whilst away.
Someone very dear to me (terminally ill) mentioned he would like to do one final cruise, his Swan song, he talked about staying in a beautiful cabin on a high end luxury cruise line sailing from Southampton (he was prohibited from flying) I went along with his plans giving him some wonderful itineraries and prices for seriously luxurious and jaw dropping suites, never really expecting him to undertake this madcap idea.
Sure enough he has sadly deteriorated (rapidly) in the last few weeks and is now unable to walk or eat and would never have managed to get on his bed never mind the ship. So this got me thinking what if he decided a little earlier thus seeming possible but became ill and died whilst on board what would happen? So I did some research and realised how common place this actually was.

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Do I Don’t I Book Celebrity Eclipse? A Must Read Review!

4 Weeks ago I was lucky enough to sail (with colleagues) aboard Celebrity Eclipse.
I was impressed by much of what saw, tried, tasted and witnessed. Few teething problems with the Beverage package, in fact my advice, upgrade to the premium package prior to sailing as the “basic package” did not include “basic” things like Sparkling Water, many soft drinks, coffee or tea. Once that was resolved we did not have any complaints.
So was I biased? We were given Aqua Class cabins, (bit like club or concierge) Therefore I have been looking with interest at reviews of passengers who have recently sailed and who have no “axe to grind”

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The Big 5……That’s P&O’s 5 not A Game Reserve in Africa…..

Culinary Cruising Dreams Come True: P&O Food Heroes To The Rescue

Food is one of the biggest reasons why guests come back time and time again to cruising. Its not enough to have good restaurants, or even “fine dining”; cruise lines are perpetually upgrading and thinking of new ways to encourage new and repeat guests to try their restaurants.

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Exquisite Coffees, Pastries and “Silent Disco”? My Experience on Eclipse

If you have yet to travel on Celebrity Eclipse or indeed if you are about to this is a must read…

My Roomie and I arrived for work on Friday 19th May, but this was no ordinary day in the office. We were boarding Celebrity Eclipse for a taster cruise… Oh yes there are one or two benefits working as a Travel Agent. We were departing from Southampton, and Dockside in she sun she looked impressive, unlike some of the super liners which bear a striking resemblance to a Cheese Grater.

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