We Brits Need A Brew First Thing In The Morning – So Deal With It Cruise Lines!

It has just been announced that the Celebrity ship that is due to home-port in Southampton this Summer is about to have some tweaks made to satisfy the Great British public and make us feel more at home.

Celebrity have told us that by the time the ship sets sail on her first voyage from Southampton there are plans to install kettles in all cabins on Celebrity Silhouette. We Brits love our cuppa to get us going in the morning and cruise lines that generally have a varied mix of nationalities on board have to make changes to accommodate this. Celebrity seem to understand the importance of our beloved brew as plans are also in place to extend the range of British teas available on board, extend the popular Cafe Al Bacio and add more tea and coffee stations. It seems we have a reputation of being caffeine fiends.

As well as catering for us in the hot beverage department they are also looking at adding a wider variety of ales and gins to the on board offerings, although exactly what they are and whether they will be included in their drinks package remains to be seen. You can read about this and other British tweaks here.

Celebrity aren’t the only cruise line to make changes on board their ships to accommodate U.K. citizens. Last year it was announced that when MSC’s Magnifica is based in Southampton this Summer there will be changes afoot! They conducted a lot of research which ultimately meant the introduction of (amongst other things) Yorkshire tea, Marmite, Colmans mustard & roast dinners as well as Cider and bitter in the bars. They even went as far as to advertise a job for a tea and cake tester to ensure things were served in the proper way – now who wouldn’t like that job? The entertainment on board will also be also geared up for our unique tastes. To see the full list of their British additions click here.

Maybe we Brits are fussy but we know what we like and we like what we know. So you cruise lines will just have to deal with it (and it seems that some of them are)!




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