The Perks Of Working In The Travel Industry

Working in the travel industry people seem to think we are able to get all our holidays for next to nothing. The truth is sometimes we get a discount, but often it’s no more than Joe Public would be entitled to. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely perks. I am in a position where I have access to enter competitions that are not open to the general public and I have done rather well over the years. In the past I have won a two week holiday in Florida, a two week holiday to China, a weeks holiday in Gran Canaria, a couple of weekends away in the UK and 3 cruise holidays. Not too shabby!

On top of that there are invites to join educational trips and with my work I have been to Israel, The Dominican Republic (twice), Majorca, Mainland Spain and on several cruises. Some cruises are just for a night or 2, but enough time to sample the food, & service and get a good feel for the ship. Best of all we get to go on brand new ships before anyone else. On a couple of the land-based trips we were shown so many hotels & several different room types in these hotels that many just blurred in to one, but on the cruises you get much more down time and the cruise lines like you to enjoy the facilities of their ships as if you were on holiday. That is definitely the best way to educate yourself in my opinion.

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a place on a fantastic week-long familiarisation trip to the USA. I will be flying to Seattle & visiting Washington State and finishing up for a party Las Vegas. I set off on the trip in less than a month and am extremely excited. Washington State is not somewhere I knew much about and now I’ve looked in to it I can’t wait. The area is full of National Parks with stunning scenery and as for Las Vegas….I first visited at the tender age of 10. This was before all the huge hotels like the Luxor, New York New York and the MGM Grand were built. The city is certainly a very different beast now. Needless to say what happens in Vegas will stay in Vegas!

So although this may not be the highest paid industry to be in, it certainly enriches you in other ways. You get to see parts of the world that many people never will and best of all you are being paid to go on holiday and if that ain’t a dream job I don’t know what is.




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