About Me

I like to be called Chris but my grandma always used to call me me Christopher, especially when friends or relatives came around !

I developed a love for travel at an early age watching the likes of Alan Whicker on TV, with his quite posh accent and travelling on the likes Concorde and the Orient Express, he inspired me to be a travel agent and the rest is history.I live in a lovely part of rural Scotland 10 minutes from the beach  and one hour from the ski resorts of Aviemore through magnificent forest vistas  with lots of wildlife .My wife  and i love taking our dog Jack ( a cross jack russell/chihuahua) for long walks where we can see everything from pheasants and grouse to eagles and Alpacas ( yes there is a farm of them nearby,it must be cold in Chile as well). I have such a passion for travel that my daughter is a Travel agent as well, and loves her job.I love to read and my favourite travel writers are Michael Palin and Bill Bryson .i also have a keen interest in Architecture since college and love the old cities such as Rome.Venice or Petra but equally new buildings by what i call “narchitects”, or new architects such as Skidmore,Owings and Merrill who designed the Sears Tower and the Burj Khalifa I have been in travel now for over 40 years since i was a whippersnapper and have a degree in marketing and lots of qualifications including a management degree and countless industry certificates and also a commendation from the Institute of Travel and Tourism for a retail study i submitted.My favourite every destinations are Bali and Singapore,and the film with Julia Roberts Eat, Pray,Love evoked an atmosphere of why.I also love the United States where there is so much diversity in the population and geography.

I have travelled to all 5 continents and love to explore new destinations and new products, that is what the attraction of cruise is for me,we can immerse ourselves in fabulous new concept ships and experience culture with great excursions and ports of call.

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