Premium All inclusive without the drinks!

I wrote a blog back in June when NCL decided to change their offering and moved all of their sailings to Premium All Inclusive. They said this is what customers wanted and they were responding to the market. Furthermore, gratuities were also thrown in which meant you could go away and not worry about spending money (except for excursions and other optional extras). This also applied to ‘guarantee’ cabins. These are usually offered by the cruise lines at a reduced cost but without the ability to choose your cabin.

It would seem though that maybe not all customers wanted this. They have quietly back tracked this month and have now started to offer their guarantee cabins on a special promotion but hidden in the small print it states these are EXCLUDED from their premium all inclusive. That means that what you save in money on the cruise, you will likely spend on drinks on board so not really the bargain they are made out to be.

What is even more confusing is, on The NCL homepage it makes no reference to these ‘Just Cruise’ cabins and instead just advertises Premium All Inclusive. I’m sure they are not out to deliberately mislead people, but it makes it very difficult for any customer to compare prices when they offer something on one page and take it away on another.

What could be behind their sudden U-turn? Maybe it is just a trial to see how they sell or maybe they will be here to stay. Either way I think it needs to be made clearer by them that their ships are no longer completely Premium All Inclusive and maybe its time to bring back optional drinks packages all together?

What do you think? Are you happy you can now book a cruise with NCL without drinks or would you rather just have it included on every grade?

Let me know in the comments below.



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