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What will get you thrown off, top 5 things NOT to do on a Cruise.

You have booked you cruise, spent hours researching the ship, facilities, the destination you are going to see, what to do and are ready to embark on you cruise but what about what not to do? Common sense surely, unfortunately many people leave this behind when off on holiday.

common sence

I have had 1st hand experience of passengers being off loaded mid voyage and know of many different tales of other unfortunate passengers being kicked off and it is not because they were drug smugglers or murdered someone!

Ordinary people do get thrown off cruise ships and if you’re the one escorted down the gangway, don’t expect a refund for the days you missed on-board, or help towards the cost of getting back home if you are thrown off mid voyage! There are cameras everywhere on cruise ships now, so no trying to climb into a life boat, it might seem hilarious at the time and a great photo opportunity but is extremely dangerous and could end up costing your life, it will cost you the rest of your cruise as you will be off the ship at the next port of call at the very least. You could even be arrested not just thrown off!


What NOT to do

Skip the Muster drill

Cruised before?  By the pool cocktail in hand and can’t be bothered to attend the muster drill? On a back to back (2 voyages in a row) and heard it before, Well think again, if you don’t go to muster, you could be off before you even set sail. Ask the couple that was kicked off Seabourn Sojourn for failing to attend the second muster drill on their back-to-back sailing.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO), a U.N. agency tasked with improving maritime safety, requires via its Safety of Life at Sea conventions (SOLAS) that passenger ships hold a muster drill within 24 hours of embarkation.

Muster drill

Get Sick

Whilst all cruise lines have a doctor, nurse and even a mini hospital on board, if you are seriously ill like a heart attack or a serious injury that the ships doctors and medical facilities don’t have the ability to treat. You will be you will be off quicker than you can say “liability.” Obviously they will offer the best care and attention they can and I have had guests in this situation, thankfully recovered and were very complimentary about the help and care they received on-board but as they needed urgent hospital treatment, they were airlifted off to the nearest hospital as the ship was not near enough to land and the situation was urgent, so make sure you have insurance!

Medical evac

Also cruise lines take the novo virus very seriously and as such can quarantine you in your cabin until the Dr/Captain feels that you are recovered and pose no risk to fellow guests/crew. I have had a surprised guest who ignored the request of the Captain and Dr as they did not want to miss out on seeing one of the Ports of call, upon return to the ship they were surprised to find their bags packed and the fact they were asked to leave mid voyage.

Medical Facilities

Try and sink the ship

Sounds ridiculous I know but there was an incident on Holland America when a drunken passenger who went into a restricted area and released the Ryndam’s anchor. Since the ship was under sail this action could have sunk the vessel. Passengers were woken up and had to go to muster stations with life jackets. The guy could of got up to 20 years in prison, that’s a bad hangover!


Don’t have the right travel documents.

Left your passport at home? Decided that as you do not want to visit the port of call that requires a visa and you will stay on board so did not bother to get the visa. Cruise lines must abide by official rules regarding travel documents. While in certain cases the ship can procure a group visa for certain countries to allow you to visit them on an excursion, so you don’t have to get an individual one, it’s your responsibility to have your papers in order and you don’t, the only thing cruise staff can do is show you the door, or refuse boarding!


Engage in disorderly conduct.

Any unruly behaviour could potentially get you thrown off the ship. This applies to all guests from adults, teens and kids. Cruise lines have Codes of Conduct, and passengers agree to abide by them when they book it is in the cruise liens terms and conditions. Misbehave on board, and the lines reserve the right to end your cruise then and there. The ship’s staffs are there to ensure your safety and comfort, so be polite, the Captain takes any abuse of his staff very seriously. As well as to other guests, as an elderly couple were all too aware of after being escorted off a Cunard voyage for being involved in a very heated argument at a black-tie dinner with a fellow passenger. It is not just the young and drink that are asked to leave. A ship’s captain told how surprised a group of New York City fire fighters and cops were when he kicked all of them off the ship at the first port because while drunk, they ran around the ship pulling fire alarms!

 Dont miss the boat

Enjoy your cruise and remember to pack your manners, morals as well as your documents!

Cherry x

 Cherry Davies    August 29th, 2014     This entry was posted in Uncategorized

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