Allure of the Seas – Charlie Age 6

My name is Charlie and I have just been on Allure of the Seas. I have been on 3 other cruises before but this was my favourite. Mummy woke me up really early because we had to get a flight from Edinburgh and then we needed to get on a different plane in London.  I watched 4 kids films on the flight. Miami airport was so boring it took us 2 hours to get out. We stayed in Fort Lauderdale for a night and got on the cruise ship the next day. We checked in but had to wait about 30mins before we could get on the ship but I didn’t mind because there was a soft play there I went in.

When we got on the ship I didn’t know what to do it was so big. Mummy said what do you want for lunch I love pizza so we went to Sorrentos. Then we walked all over. Me & mummy went on the carousel and saw the climbing wall. Then we found Central Park and had some cheesecake in the park cafe. Then we needed to find kids club. Mummy needed to fill in a form so I could go. Then we went to see the zip line and flow rider I really wanted to have a go but I’m a little bit too small for them but mummy says she will have a go and I can watch her. We played mini golf too. After dinner I went to kids club and we played a game called gagaball I haven’t played it before but it was so fun and they said we play it every day in kids club.

The next day we went for breakfast and we saw shrek, puss in boots & princess Fiona. Mummy said I could eat whatever I wanted so I had waffles with caramel & chocolate sauce and extra cream, chocolate muffin and chocolate milkshake. Then I went to kids club and made a friend. When mummy & daddy came to get me we went to get a hot dog for lunch from the boardwalk. Then mummy remembered we needed to go to the promenade at 12.30 it was so busy when we got there but I was right at the front and we saw the parade it was so much fun, I even saw Kung Fu Panda.

After the parade we went to the pool mummy got me a life jacket. I don’t need one but mummy made me wear it she said it would help me. I went in the current pool with daddy and then we went in a big jacuzzi. Then we even played mini golf.

We did so much on the cruise I never got bored. I went to kids club and on the climbing wall. We watched a show where the man jumped from really really high into the water (Oceanairia in the Aquatheatre). We watched another show inside where the tree came to life (Blue Planet in the Amber Theatre). I even stayed up really late one night and mummy & daddy took me to the pub and there was a really big party on the Promenade. It came on the tv the next day and me & mummy were dancing on the tv! Then we went ice skating and watched How to Train your dragon on ice.

I loved the cruise so much and already asked mummy when we can go on again!



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