What’s On Your List?

If you had to pick just one place, your dream trip, the one thing that tops your bucket list. Where would it be?

I have a rather long ‘Bucket list’! Always adding more and more to it, However, the number one as remained the same for YEARS. That would be a trip to… Drum Roll Please ….


Alaska & The Rockies.


I can’t even imagine how pretty it is in real life,.Sure I’ve seen A million pictures but I just think this place needs to been seen. I know this will be a popular choice for many people, and I’ve been lucky enough to help arrange a trip of a lifetime for many of my clients.

When looking to book your trip, you must take in many factors before booking.

The weather, Cruises generally operate May through to September.  May & June are the drier months, July, August & September a higher chance of rainfall. Daylight hours through May to September are long. July & August are Busy with fellow tourist. If I had to push at ‘the best month to travel’ I would say June, however, whichever month you choose it will be amazing. The key is to pack correctly, Layers Is key along with comfy shoes and some waterproofs.

Now the main highlight is the scenery and the wildlife, right? The Rocky Mountaineer is the best way to travel. They offer durations from just a couple of nights to something longer if you prefer. They also offer different class seating to suit budgets. Silver leaf and Golf leaf. Both options look amazing, but if you have the extra money the Golf leaf offers more of a WOW Factor.

If you travel May & June, you will still see plenty of snow on the mountains even on the lower land. This might mean that you will see more wildlife, the water in the Mountains will still be frozen. Sleepy bears will be waking up from hibernation and heading to the stream for some Salmon Fishing.

Jasper National Park is a must-visit as this area is excellent for spotting some wildlife. Elks, Black bears, Bighorn Sheep, Moose are often spotted.

Whale Watching is a must when doing an Alaskan Cruise. Imagine Being on a tiny boat next to a Humpback whale. It must be the most exhilaratingly & scary experience ever.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Alaska, whichever month you choose it will be amazing. If you decide on September, you might even be extra lucky and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!


What trip is Number One on your list?

Keep Cruising

Love Bonnie xx


PS if you have been and have any wildlife photos I would LOVE to see them










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