What are the most Haunted Ports?

Halloween is fast approaching. It makes me wonder what ports of call are classed as the spookiest places to visit?

Here are the TOP 5!


New Orleans

New Orleans is known to be a haunted city, in the past it as homed Voodoo Practitioners, French Prisoners and erm Vampires (well according to them Vampire books!) If you fancy a fright maybe head to the LaLaurie House which is known to be the most haunted home in the area. The house was used to torture and mutilate many people, a fire broke out and ever since they as been many reports of ghostly sights. Many previous owners have moved out as the hauntings have become to much. A developer bought the property and turn it into luxury apartments. If you want to see a ghost head down to the cemetery Number 1, Voodoo priestess the most infamous voodoo lady in New Orleans history. She is seen walking around putting curses on trespassers! You’ve been warned!!!

Montego Bay

Apart from the lovely beaches and clear crystal sea, Montego bay has a more sinister side.  Rose Hall is the venue that is known to home the ‘white witch’. Back in the day Annie Palmer lived here and was a very cruel evil woman, who would violently punish her workers and even practice voodoo on them.  It is reported she was murdered but visitors still claim to see and hear her along with her victims.


One of my favourite cities, great shopping, wonderful champagne, and the Effiel Tower all come to mind. I didn’t know that below the beautiful Parisian streets lay the ‘Empire of the Dead’. The Catacombs are tunnels beneath the city as over six million bodies buried there.  Some spooky reports include shadows, noises, and weird mists?!  If you want to see a famous ghost head to the Pere Lachaise if you dare! This is the resting place for Jim Morrison and Frederic Chopin!

San Francisco

Not just home to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz the most infamous prison. Alcatraz is thought to have many ghosts if your super brave you can do a night tour of the prison. The most haunted part of the prison is cell 14D, this was the ‘Hole’ where prisoners were sent for isolation. Visitors have experienced a cold feeling and heard loud cries and moaning. Also in another area, reports have it that the Banjo can be heard. Al Capone apparently had a banjo that he played whilst in Alcatraz! Coincidence?!!


Finally, we have the area known as the BERMUDA TRIANGLE. This is a notorious area known as the Devil’s triangle of the Atlantic Ocean. Many aircraft and boats have gone missing in this area. If your on a cruise that includes Bermuda you can book a tour to the Bermuda Triangle … IF YOU DARE!


Have you been to these places? Did you get a fright? Where is the spookiest place you have been to? Do you believe in any of these tales?


Keep Cruising,

Lots of Love

Bonnie x

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