Clowngate on the Britannia


What do get if you cross a cruise with a Clown, a ‘mass brawl’ and an All-Inclusive Package?

A Nightmare at sea?!

Sadly, this isn’t just a rubbish joke, this is real life.

I am sure you have recently heard on the news about an incident on the P&O Britannia. The incident resulted in 6 people injured and 2 arrests.

Apparently, it is reported that at 2 am an altercation occurred. An eyewitness as said that plates and furniture were used as weapons after a Clown crashed a black-tie party. A witness said there was ‘blood everywhere’ people were running and hiding with fear.

Now I’ve watched the movie IT and I’m not very fond of clowns. Would I start a fight over it though? Hmm NO!

We do not know the Ins and outs of what has happened so I can only speculate that too much alcohol was involved and this has lead to this disgusting behavior.

This is not typical behavior on cruise ships, thankfully. Sadly, a minority have spoilt the cruise for everyone. P&O do have a strict dress code and fancy dress is not allowed. P&O has issued a statement to say that ‘ no clowns were involved and that this matter is now in the hands of the police’

What do you guys think? Do you think the drinks packages, all the cruise lines now have are bringing the tone of cruising down? Should they recall All Inclusive drinks packages? Should they be a limit to the ‘free all-inclusive’?

Keep  Cruising (Please, leave the clown costume at home folks!)

Lots of Love



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