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I am officially on holiday COUNTDOWN! In just a few more sleeps I will on a Jet plane going to my ‘Love Island’ the stunning island of Skiathos. This is my 7th Visit to the Island, this year we return as Husband and Wife after our beautiful wedding on the island last year. I  will be celebrating my birthday and our 13-month wedding anniversary! It should have been our 1-year anniversary but due to dog sitters’ issues were a little late in celebrating!

If you have been to Skíathos you too probably have returned many times. It is known as the boomerang island, It really is. It’s a beautiful place that is, for the most part, unspoiled and still very traditional,

The island itself is only tiny and the runway even smaller, it’s a full throttle take off and a very short landing! It would be an ideal island for the cruise lines to use but very few choose this island. Star Clipper is the main one that visits Skiathos and the neighboring Island of Skópelos.

If you have seen the movie Mamma Mia, you would see that these Islands are truly stunning. This time I am going to take a boat trip to Skópelos and Visit the church featured in the film. If I can manage the 100’s of steps to the top is another matter!

The rest of the time I plan to relax, eat and drink. Oh and watch Love Island on catch up!!! I might return a Ms if I do that though!

If any of my lovely customers need help whilst I am away – my colleagues will be more than happy to help. If you too are away on a holiday have a wonderful time. Safe Travels

Bon Voyage.








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