Would you be weighed before getting on a plane ?

I am not sure how this will go down at the airports but I have been reading this week about how weighing passengers will help the airlines become more fuel efficient and reduce costs, could it even reduce flight tickets?

In the past I have had people comment to me about paying for extra luggage allowance and getting penalised and what about those people who are carrying extra weight on themselves very difficult one to manage really !!!

Currently, airlines use an estimated average to work out how much fuel they will need for men, they allow 13.8 stone, for women 11 stone and for children 5.5 stone. At the moment the airlines weigh everything from baggage to equipment and then use the average for passengers to calculate how much fuel they need to get from A to B and this is done for every single flight. Obviously, everyone is different in size and shape and weight so the averages are resulting in planes are carrying far more fuel than they need, and heavier planes are less efficient and less green.

A couple of airlines have tried this in the past but this was only voluntary so not every passenger participated so a clear calculation still could not be given.

They are not planning on having scales at each check-in desk for passengers to stand on like being at Slimming world but what I was reading was that they want to weigh passengers discreetly by pads on the floor at bag drops, this would work a bit like facial recognition technology and they will send data to the airline.

I personally think this is a great idea and it would not bother me in the slightest, obviously, I would prefer them to have the right amount of fuel on any plane I was getting on but if being weighed can help with becoming more efficient and also may bring the prices down then why not ??
What do you think would this be something you would do or not ?



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