What a terrible travel agent …

Yes that’s me !!!You may of read on one of my recent blogs I have booked to take my family to London for the Winter wonderland and its this weekend we go.

The advise I would give to anyone visiting a city would be to get organised before they go, well that is everyone but myself. I have just not had time to plan our route and what we are going to do. My best friend has been great as she has visited the capital a few times and has sent me some hints and tips , my husband has been working in London quite a lot lately but unfortunately his input is small apart from the fact he doesn’t want to use the underground just the buses. The children they have their own ideas the dungeons and the M&M shop !!
Its been a long time since I have been and the children have only been once and they don’t remember it so I want to try and fit it as much as we can but where do you start ??
We have changing of the guards , Buckingham palace , Harrods , Leicester square , Houses of parliament , Tower bridge , dungeons the list goes on.
The one thing that we are doing which is the purpose of the trip is to visit the winter wonderland at Hyde park , there is so much going on there, they have the traditional Christmas markets , ice skating , ice bars , big wheel,rides , pantomime and again the list goes on , so much so people recommend a day here!!!

This is what the children think we will be doing

This is more what I am thinking.

We have decided to drive down so while my husband is driving I will try and get organised with the routes and what we are going to fit in realistically.
As long as I get to spend some quality time with my family and make some more memories we will have a great time and we are all really looking forward to it!!

Then its home to try and get organised for the many things we have going on before Christmas.I really am so unorganized this year in terms of shopping etc
The next dilemma I have is 2018 holidays everyone keeps asking and I really don’t know apart from trips in my caravan we haven’t planned a cruise or holiday abroad yet which is not like me at all !!!
Come back in a couple of weeks and see how we got in with our Winter Wonderland and if I am anywhere near getting organised …..



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