More shocking announcements from P&O

Well what a week it has been again in the world of cruise we are still in a very busy period for us and then P&O decide to make another shocking announcement that will affect many peoples holiday plans that have already booked. Families with children will no longer be able to sail on P&O Cruises’ Aurora as it is being converted into an adult-only ship.

This will take place after its refurb next April . The Aurora will join the Arcadia and Oriana as ships exclusively for adults from April 8, 2019.

Passengers already booked on Aurora with children are being offered the option of re-booking on one of the few P&O Cruises family-friendly ships – Azura, Oceana, Britannia and Ventura.

A lot of people plan their holidays in advance and I have had families affected in particular a family who always book early as need a adaptable cabin.

P&O are offering to rebook holidays with them with a 5% future cruise credit for the passengers who had booked which is better than nothing but it doesnt compensate us the agents who have spent hours finding the cruises in the first place then have to go back to the drawing board and re start the search again.

As you may know or have read in a recent blog of mine it isn’t that long since they sold the small child-free ship Adonia to Azamara , again affecting people that had already booked cruises.

Why do it now though why not wait to make the changes when they put a new season on sale like soon to be launched 2020 , I’m sure they would be a lot more respected !!

Apparently the decision to become adult only follows research and feedback from their guests.

I’m sure it will be welcomed news to those passengers who like to travel knowing there wont be children on board I just think it would of been so much better to make the changes when their new ship joins the fleet and whilst not affecting those already booked.

What are your thoughts on this ?

Good move from P&O ?

Could of been handled differently ?



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