Emergencies at Sea

Ever wondered what happened if you were in the middle of the Ocean and there was an emergency on board the ship what would happen ?

We have had a few over the years that we have experienced ( not us personally ) but never felt the urge to talk about it before. On our recent cruise, we had more than one not all serious but enough to have ambulances waiting in the ports on arrival. Until our last day which was a sea day, half of the deck had been closed off in the morning and then there was a couple of items on the planner cancelled before the cruise director actually made the announcement that a fellow passenger and family member were being airlifted off the ship. It’s a horrible thought that someone who you could have been speaking to had become so ill. Its also not that nice to watch and left me wondering what was the condition of the passenger as to be lifted to a helicopter for a well person could be traumatic!!

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My time on the Magellan

My family and friends and I have just returned from a lovely 10 nights spent on the Magellan. We booked this trip last year and the main benefit to us was we would be departing from Liverpool so just an hour up the road from us. The Magellan is usually adults only but they have a couple of sailings in the summer that are multi-generational cruises and there was a real mix of age groups on board.

As there was 8 of us we decided to travel by minibus we arrived quite early so we were able to check our luggage in which was right by where the taxi dropped us off which was great, we then walked over to Liverpool One and the children did some last-minute shopping and we had a quick drink in the sunshine.

On the cruise we visited Dublin, La Coruna, Cadiz, Gibraltar and Lisbon. We didn’t book full on excursions because of the children so we just booked the hop on hop off buses to show us around some of the different places.

After we left Dublin we had a day a night and day at sea ) I won’t share the photos as my family will kill me ) unfortunately we got caught in the storm that had hit the UK causing all the festivals and events to be cancelled. It has got to be one of the worst nights at sea I have ever had they had boarded up the windows on deck 4 and the whole ship including a few staff we witnessed had been struck with seasickness. The ship and the staff were so accommodating changing plans and dining arrangements and for anyone confined to their cabin they were offering room service. Thankfully the Bay of Biscay was kind to us so it calmed down and the worst was over.
The highlight destination for me was definitely Gibraltar it was one of the other reasons that I booked this cruise. We did do an organised trip here and had a guide that took us to the top of the rock and we visited the caves and saw the monkeys, unfortunately it was horrendously foggy so we could not see any of the views you normally can.
We had an inside cabin which I was dreading but I was so pleasantly surprised when we opened the door we had loads of room for storage and plenty of wardrobe space and the bathroom was the norm ( including the dreaded shower curtain ) as its an English company we had tea and coffee making facilities. The only thing it lacked was anywhere to sit we because of the births , however apart from sleeping ang getting ready we didn’t spend any time in the cabin at all.
We were all really impressed with the food and the varied menus and they did cater for children. We paid for the drinks package which we all agreed was well worth the money as this included the tips and we also got a free night.
The entertainment was ok there was plenty of planned activities which we didnt really get involved with and the shows in the evening were good when the entertainment team did them , they also had a couple of guests onboard which one was a magician kind of show the other was opera singer which was probably not the best for a family cruise.

Any questions you have on the Magellan just let me know

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Why does packing have to be so stressful ….

I used to find packing for a cruise, even when the children were younger, so easy to do but now it seems such a chore and that is with the children packing for themselves.

I have just finished packing for our cruise tomorrow. Everything from back-up outfits to what I’m going to wear which night ( my fat and thin outfits) the weather conditions at the beginning of the cruise had made me rethink. I would say it’s all about being organised I didn’t want to overpack so I have gone with taking layers so I have my summer clothes with a cardy and an umbrella with a few mix and match outfits. You also need to think about the dress code on the ships. During the day whatever goes on a cruise but in the evening you need to think about the formal nights and the themed nights, luckily on my cruise, I just have the 2 formal evenings.
I have also packed my gym stuff I am going to make sure I visit a few times to limit the damage I do !!!
The beauty about sailing out of the UK is we can take as much as we can fit in the cabin.
There is so much more provided on a cruise through then some hotels no need to worry about hairdryers as they are in your cabin along with tea and coffee making facilities on most of the ships sailings out of the UK. One of the best bits for me is having pool towels so I can have a fresh one everyday !!!
There are things you need to remember not to pack like travel irons
The one thing we cant pack and will definitely be missed is our dog Billy we do find it hard to leave him, he is going to my mother and father in-laws where he will be spoilt.

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A DeJa Vu of last year ….

This is similar to this time last year I’m sure, how on earth have I fitted everything in ?
Well it has been an extremely busy month for me both with work and play, all I can say is thank god I can plan my own shifts in my job.
I started off the first weekend in July jam-packed of plans, I had a lovely night out with my best friends watching a show in Blackpool.
Then the birthday celebrations started for a very special lady in my life who was turning 60 so we booked a surprise meal for her , not quite the reaction that I thought we would get as she was in floods of tears obviously happy tears thankfully.

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Look who’s back …

Well she seems to of disappeared from our TV screens for a little while but recently revealed Jane Mcdonald is back and will have a themed cruise next year. This will be on board Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas September 2020 the itinerary is as follows;

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A ferry on the mersey ….. Not quite

Well I had the privilege of being invited on a cruise ship for a visit last week just up the road from me at Liverpool. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day for it. The ship we visited was the Oceania Insignia, she was coming to the end of her 180-day world cruise on about day 169 I believe. The Insignia has just had a refurbishment which Oceania call re-inspiration, every stateroom and nearly all the public areas have had a new fresh colour of paint, new fabrics and furnishings even new chandeliers. If we break this down to a few facts and figures, the refurb took 66 days and cost $100 million dollars they had 8000 new light fixtures 12000 new sofa and chairs!!!

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Would you pay for the ‘ Key ‘ ?

I got asked about the ‘Key’ the other day and I had to look it up I hadn’t heard of this and I would say this has totally gone under the radar!!!

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What have Royal been up to now ..

Having done this job for 28 years now I honestly believe that I have the best job ever, in the industry we make peoples dreams come true and it is usually one of the most expensive purchases people make in a year so there is a lot of pressure to make sure we deliver and make it perfect for our passengers.

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Would you be weighed before getting on a plane ?

I am not sure how this will go down at the airports but I have been reading this week about how weighing passengers will help the airlines become more fuel efficient and reduce costs, could it even reduce flight tickets?

In the past I have had people comment to me about paying for extra luggage allowance and getting penalised and what about those people who are carrying extra weight on themselves very difficult one to manage really !!!

Currently, airlines use an estimated average to work out how much fuel they will need for men, they allow 13.8 stone, for women 11 stone and for children 5.5 stone. At the moment the airlines weigh everything from baggage to equipment and then use the average for passengers to calculate how much fuel they need to get from A to B and this is done for every single flight. Obviously, everyone is different in size and shape and weight so the averages are resulting in planes are carrying far more fuel than they need, and heavier planes are less efficient and less green.

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Royal Caribbean is building the world’s biggest cruise ship ….. again !!

Royal Caribbean just keeps getting bigger. Last year saw the launch of the world’s largest ship, Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas weighing 228,081 gross tons, stretching 1,188 feet long and capable of transporting 6,680 guests and 2,200 crew members, this beat the Harmony, Allure and the Oasis of the Seas

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