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The travel bug got to me at the tender age of 17, where I started working in a little travel agents booking predominantly package holidays... 8 years on and I am still in the industry specialising in cruising! I love cruises, I've done many myself and converted many friends and…

Posted on Feb 27, 2018
Farewell From “Ben’s All Star Cruising”

I will shortly be leaving Cruise.co.uk, I’ll be sad to go but look forward to new adventures! Thanks to all of you who have booked with me and followed my blog.You can still keep in touch with us via my colleague, Dawn, click here to find out more about her.Thanks for reading.Ben

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Posted on Feb 16, 2018
Wifi Onboard… Do we expect it?

It is becoming a very common question when booking a customer on a cruise and something people have certainly begun to expect with any accommodation above a 4 star standard. Should we expect cruise lines to provide Wifi and should we expect it to be complimentary throughout the voyage? A…

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Posted on Feb 2, 2018
Traditional British cruising, in Mexico!

This week Cruise and Maritime voyages have announced their plans to position a ship out of Acapulco offering Mexican Riviera cruises. This is one thing I certainly didn't expect to come from them! Cruise and Maritime voyages a British cruise line that sail predominantly from London Tilbury and offer exceptional…

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Posted on Jan 19, 2018
What experience do I have and why should you book with me?

I had a very nice rate my service comment this morning that inspired me to write this blog. At this time of year, many people choose to speak to several agencies in order to make sure they are getting the very best deal- But the real question is, are you…

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Posted on Jan 5, 2018
The January sales are here, busy weeks ahead for us!

Well, as the festive season is now officially done and dusted for another year the dark and grim days of January are now upon us! For us here at CRUISE.co.uk, this is our busiest time of year and peak time for people all over the UK to book their holidays.…

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Posted on Dec 21, 2017
Viking are taking over the oceans!

It was announced this week that Viking Ocean cruises will be reaching a fleet of ten over coming years! This is mind blowing how quickly the cruise line has grown since only recently launching their first ever ocean voyages after the massive success of their River program. Viking are a…

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Posted on Dec 7, 2017
That perfect Turkey…

The time has come, christmas is upon us and it's time to start pondering which Turkey recipe you are going to go for! I was watching The Royle Family at the weekend and The Royle's were less than impressed with Barbara's Millennium christmas Turkey yet said they could not possibly…

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Posted on Nov 22, 2017
A week off, and not a telephone in sight!

It's that time of year where I take my winter break, I am back- Recharged and refreshed! Whilst I did not travel as far as I normally do for my winter vacation- I have had a wonderful time none the less and the highlight of my trip was... NO PHONES!…

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Posted on Nov 7, 2017
The Bay of Biscay… I love it! But many would argue!

It's a question many people ask me and it is a question even the most seasoned of sailors simply cannot answer... "Is the Bay of Biscay going to be that rough?" The incredible stretch of water is the main highway for all cruises to warmer climes departing from the UK.…

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Posted on Oct 24, 2017
Expedition cruises!

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited by Silversea to a fantastic sales event to a privilleged at one of the most incredible hotels in the world...Chewton Glen in the New Forest and what a truly stunning hotel it is! This was something new, a chance for our…

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