I Love Torquay!

I have been to Torquay a few times now & love it down there.
Myself & my husband Adam went for our 1st Wedding Anniversary in 2014 in July, then in Oct 2017, we went for my birthday with some friends of ours Tom & Sue for a couple of nights & had a great time.

Last year late Oct 2018 we went for Sue’s 70th birthday which again was fabulous.

This time was in June 2019 for Adam’s birthday as we wanted to go when it was warmer than October.  We were lucky with the weather apart from a cool windy day but the rest of the week was great.

We’ve stayed at B&B’s, a 5* hotel (but at the top of a hill), been on a coach and stayed in an awful hotel but good location and went by coach but Adam did not want to do this again so he drove and we had 2 caravans at Torquay Caravan Park which is approx 10 min drive from the centre.  It was actually very nice and the caravans were pretty new and very clean. We had 2 caravans next door to each other.  They were Brownston Caravans and new in 2018. Very clean and comfortable.

Our trip was Mon-Fri 24 June till 28 June and Adam’s birthday was 26th June which happened to be the worst day weather-wise but we still had fun.

We put banner’s up on the outside of the caravan ‘Birthday Boy’ and went out for breakfast to a great little cafe we know.  We really wanted to go on a boat ride to Dartmouth which we’ve done before and it’s a lovely day but due to high winds at sea, all boat trips were cancelled – we were gutted as it’s one of the highlights we do each time.  Luckily we had the car so could get around easily.

I think Adam had a lovely birthday, we went for dinner at Hole in the Wall pub which we love and always go in here.  Tom & Sue’s friends Frank & Margaret joined us and it was a lovely evening.

He likes his cake!

We visited Slapton Sands on Tuesday as Tom & Sue haven’t been here and had coffee in the cafe.


I so wanted to run in and get in the sea for a paddle but I wasn’t feeling great so that would have to wait.

We also went to Berry Head on Thursday which features a lighthouse for passing ships, I thought the lighthouse would be huge but didn’t need to be as so high up on the hill.

Usually, we are on a boat and wave to the people up at the top but this time we were at the top and no boats around.  It’s the 1st time we have been up here and it was lovely.

It was very windy up at the top so needed my scarf but great views, it’s very uneven ground so not recommended if you have walking difficulties.  We did come up here on Wednesday but too windy and cold so just had a quick look then, did the rest on Thursday.

Tom & Sue had gone out with friends on Thursday so Adam & I did our own thing.

On Thursday afternoon after Berry Head, we went to Babbacombe as not been here for years.  We went down to the beach on the Funicular Railway but the wind was bad and the sea rough but I still managed to step in the water for a minute.

Unfortunately, whilst we were here the coastguard helicopter was out searching for people who had gone missing on the rocks, lots of police, ambulance and Air Ambulance also around to assist.  We later found out 2 men had been killed by ‘Tombstoning’  round the bay to Torquay.  The wind was high and waves of over 6ft so why they attempted this I’ll never know.

On Friday we packed up and checked out of the caravans and headed back to Dartmouth as I didn’t enjoy it the first time as was feeling ill.  We used the ferry to get across the bay which takes about 7 minutes in the car and went for a lovely breakfast, then did a bit of shopping.

We finally got to go on a boat as there was an hour cruise up the River Dart so we did this and it was lovely as the weather was great again.

After this, we set off home for the 3-4 hour drive.

We had a lovely few days and will be back in Torquay soon.

UK holidays can be great if you get the weather and we were very lucky.

So what’s your best UK holiday?









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