Customers or friends??

As you know I am passionate about my job and love selling cruise to my customers.  I have become quite friendly with some of my customers who have come back to book a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th cruise holiday with me.

We are now on first name terms which is lovely and have great banter on the phone, I even know their telephone numbers and surprise them by using their name when saying ‘Hello’. This really makes them feel special & more brownie points for me.

I have customers who have invited myself & my husband along with my dog Patch to go and stay with them for a long weekend & I am very tempted to do this as they live in a lovely part of the country which we love ourselves so watch this space as I will tell you all about it when we return.

Last week was particularly good for banter as as well as being invited to stay with some of my customers I was also told I have a great sense of humour and due to this fact he would book with me.  This is a great response as so many people are like robots and just do the same mundane speech to everyone.  Of course not everyone wants a bit of banter but it’s great when they do & really brightens up my day!

The phone call started with – ‘I want a FREE cruise as I answered the phone’ so I responded with – ‘If you get a FREE cruise I’m coming with you!’ – this broke the ice and we continued our conversation with much banter & I know he will book with me once I have found him the perfect cruise holiday.

I can’t think of anything worse than being miserable on the phone, it would for sure put people off. As the saying goes ‘people buy people’ and that is my strategy..

I have a few occasions where someone on the phone (not customers of course) is miserable and I just put the phone down and call back hoping to get someone with a personality. I get that Victor Meldrew feeling!

What’s your view? Would you put the phone down & try again to hopefully get someone with a personality?

So if you want to book a cruise and have good conversation & a bit of banter then call me on 0800 408 6108 to book yours now.



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