Love is in the Air!

Are you feeling romantic as Valentines Day is approaching this week?

What do you do for Valentines Day – a nice meal out, flowers & chocolates, a beautiful gift?

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Free Drinks Anyone?

A number of cruise lines are offreing ‘FREE’ drinks packages on certain itineraries this year.

This is a huge saving meaning you can relax & enjoy your cruise without the worry of the bill at the end of your cruise.

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Never cruised but want to try it?

So last week I posted about 9 & 12 night duration cruises for those of you when 7 nights is not enough!

But what if you have never cruised and would like to try it but don’t want to book a week in case you don’t like (I doubt it though)… well you can – read on for more information.

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7 nights not enough??

So we all love cruise holidays but is 7 nights enough? Is 14 nights too long?

Not for me, I love cruising but always feel that 7 nights is just not long enough, by the time you have found your way around the ship and settled in to ‘cruise life’ it’s time to disembark and leave the ship. I have only ever done a 7 night cruise and will be doing again this year (but through no fault of my own) as travelling with my family as you know. Next time I am determined to do a longer cruise.

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Which cruise to go on!

It’s so much easier to book customer cruises than your own!

So it’s January & the best time to book your future cruise holiday, with all the special offers out there at the moment:-

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Raring to Go!!

So Christmas is over but we have New Year to come!

On Saturday 22nd December my daughter had her party as it was her birthday the next day, this was held in the local village pub near her dad’s. It was a great night, I didn’t realise how a room full of 17 & 18 year olds could be quite enjoyable. They were very well behaved & pleasant & we all had a great night.

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Christmas is cancelled!!

Well it’s that time of year again where we eat too much, drink too much, party too much – don’t you just love Christmas! I do…

Christmas is cancelled for “1 day only” in my house as it is Kim’s birthday on 23rd December (I didn’t time that very well did I)..

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My Special Cruise – MSC!

Well I have been cruising for quite a number of years now as you will see from my page of ‘Ships I’ve been on’ but my most recent cruise holiday was extra special because I went with my partner Adam (he has cruised with me before) but I took my daughter Kimberley (Kim) for the 1st time.

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