2019 continues but is it better?

So if you have read my previous post you will know this year has not been the best start to 2019 for me & my family.

I started with an illness in January called Trigeminal Neuralgia which affects the left side of my face causing constant earache & a dull ache in my face, my tongue swells up & my lip tingles badly, this is being controlled by medication to ease the pain but I still get the odd flare up. I am being monitored closely by my GP who has been fantastic since day one. I have regular appointments with her and blood tests just to keep an eye on everything.

It has taken over my life slightly as certain foods & drinks can make it worse & I daren’t leave the house without a scarf just in case that wind gets up.  My love of coffee & wine has had to be reduced dramatically & I love both.

Imagine me looking like this in summer………

I went to give blood last month which is something I have done for nearly 25 years now and have given almost 65 donations but I was told I couldn’t give as my Iron was low, I was devastated as I had checked in advance I was OK to still attend with my condition & the medication I am on.  So a trip back to the doctors for another blood test.

It’s funny isn’t it that you take medication for one condition that then causes another condition so need medication for that and end up taking a host of medication.  I don’t like to take meds but have no choice and hope it doesn’t go on too long.

I am also under a Neurologist at the hospital and last week finally had my MRI scan so just waiting on the results for that to hopefully see what is causing this pain and what can be done about it – almost there I hope.

As you also know I lost one of my cats Sam in November then my beloved dog Patch in February which was tough.  Then in March my cat Stann-Lee became ill so we had to let him go as had advance stage Kidney failure which he showed no signs of being ill until he had an eye infection so I had him checked and they picked it up with a blood test – this was Adam’s cat so he was devastated also.  He also used to love being in my office whilst I worked.

So I am down to 2 cats now & have warned them they cannot get ill – no more pain this year, please.

Things can only get better.

I have a short break to Torquay in 3 weeks for Adam’s birthday so looking forward to that.





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