MSC Bellissima è molto bella!!

As MSC Cruises is an Italian brand I thought I’d give this blog a fun Italian title. MSC Bellissima è molto bella in English is MSC Bellissima is very beautiful.

Back in March, I was lucky enough to be invited by MSC to join them onboard MSC Bellissima for the Travel Agent Launch the night before the inaugural sailing. It was my second launch with MSC as I attended the MSC Meraviglia launch back in 2017. The 2-day event did not disappoint. After a day or exploring the ship, getting involved in the activities and trying tasters at the different restaurants n board we were ready for some fun. MSC had arranged for Craig David to sing and DJ. It was a fantastic party and a really memorable experience.

A few pictures from around the ship.

A few pictures from around the ship.

As soon as you walk onto the ship you can see it is an amazing ship. That’s the main thing I love about MSC; their ships have the WOW factor for me. MSC Bellissima can hold up to 5686 passengers and has an amazing 19 decks. This ship truly has something for everyone. So here are a few fun facts about MSC Bellissima;

There are 11 different cabin types onboard and these come in a range of different experiences. These 11 cabin types starting with the best are: MSC Yacht Club Royal Suite, MSC Yacht Club Deluxe Suite, Yacht Club Interior, Duplex Suite, Suite Balcony, Suite, Stateroom for Families, Balcony, Ocean View, Interior and Interior Studio.

There are 12 fabulous dining venues onboard. I got to try a sample meal at each restaurant and they were all great. When I sail though, I prefer to dine in the buffet as I like to mix and match. The Marketplace Buffet definitely has something for every pallet. Here are 5 that I would recommend;

  • ¡HOLA! Tapas bar by Ramón Freixa – Located on deck 6, HOLA! Tapas Bar welcomes you into an amazing culinary experience created by the renowned Spanish chef Ramón Freixa, awarded two Michelin Stars.
  • Butcher’s Cut – The American-style steakhouse serves select prime cuts from around the world, accompanied by bold New World wines and cocktails with swagger. A new frontier of flavour to discover.
  • Kaito Teppanyaki Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Tradition and modernity go hand in hand in this stylish teppanyaki restaurant and sushi restaurant. This charming venue offers deliciously authentic Asian cuisine prepared on the spot with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients.
  • L’Atelier BistrotThis warm, friendly bistro promises French cuisine with true joie de vivre. Enjoy high-quality snacks from cheese and charcuterie to escargots and foie gras. Or for something more substantial, try ribeye steak fries & blue cheese sauce followed by a traditional French dessert. 
  • Marketplace Buffet – Open 20 hours a day, it’s the ideal place for enjoying a great informal Mediterranean dining experience with a spectacular sea view. Visible kitchens and a Mozzarella-making area allow guests to watch our chefs preparing the fresh food. The extensive buffet area includes various multifunction corners serving international dishes, ethnic cuisine, healthy options and a multitude of other tastes.
A few photo's of myself and my colleagues.

A few photos of myself and my colleagues.

I have included a collage of photos above that includes myself and some of my colleagues from, is there anyone you recognise?

There are many fun activities to take part in onboard. My favourite 2 were the XD Cinema which is an interactive shooting game and the VR Maze. For the XD Cinema; you compete against your fellow travellers for the first position and the best game, in my opinion, is the Zombie experience. There are a few moments that make you jump and scream. For the VR Maze, it is exactly what it says on the tin; you wear a VR headset and you essentially alk around a maze. There are 3 games to choose from, my favourite was Assasins creed and like the XD Cinema there are also some scary moments but it is such a fantastic and clever experience, it’s definitely not one to miss.


Check out my full cabin tour below. I was in a Fantastica Balcony on Deck 10.



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