Rule(s) Britannia

A couple of weeks ago  I set off for Southampton to join Brittania for a friends Daughters Hen do. We set off early morning to make sure we would get there in plenty of time and as this was only a 2 night cruise and  wanted to make the most of it. A few bottles of Prosecco and other beverages later we arrived at the terminal around 12.45.

In usual P&O fashion we were handed a coloured card with a letter on and had to wait our turn. Unbeknown to us at this time there were “system” issues and everything was taking a lot longer than usual. Eventually at 2.45 we were finally called to board the ship. On the plus side the cabins were ready so we were able to get rid of our bags and make our way to the top deck for a few drinks and after muster drill could return for the “sailaway”. Unfortunately the sailaway didn’t happen as normasl as the ship didn’t leave Southampton until 11pm due to the “system problems” and the Captain announcing at dinner that they needed to make sure everyone that who  should be on the ship was on the ship!

We all had a great first night with spirits being high for a lot of the girls who had never cruised before and were amazed at the size of the ship and the great food and service in the restaurants.

One thing that became apparent very quickly was that there were a lot of party groups onboard celebrating milestone birthdays, anniversaries and of course Hen do’s. The Hen do’s were the groups that were most apparent due to slogan T shirts, sashes and veils, sailor hats etc. This is where I had an issue as our Hen party stuck to the “New Rules” brought in this year as set out in there policies.

P&O State:

Fancy dress and novelty clothing

We don’t want to dampen anyone’s fun but as of 1 January 2018 we no longer allow fancy dress, novelty items or inappropriate personalised clothing to be worn on board. Any clothing that features inappropriate or offensive language, including novelty clothing with printed images or slogans and accessories, will not be allowed on board.  We reserve the right to deny embarkation to guests who are inappropriately dressed. This is a change from the policy wording printed in the back of our January 2018 – October 2019 brochure and pre-cruise brochures. This policy does not apply to children 16 and under

Personalised and slogan clothing 

In addition to the fancy dress policy, clothing personalised with images/slogans, and/or clothing that features offensive language, images or slogans, will not be allowed on board at any time.

The following morning  the ship had a late arrival into  Zeebrugge due to the late departure the night before there were people queueing up everywhere waiting to get off and again lots of people with Slogan T shirts and even someone with a male blow up doll showing all his wears which wasn’t really appropriate with children around.

So come on P&O rules are rules and should be stuck to!



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