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If you read my last blog you will know that I was on a mini cruise to Hamburg for New Year. Whilst in Hamburg on New Years Eve we decided to take a trip to the Minature Wonderland. We took the shuttle from the port to the centre of Hamburg where we were dropped off and then it was about a 15 walk. It cost 15 euros per person for entrance and was a great way to spend 2-3 hours.

Since  2000 the Miniatur Wunderland has been steadily growing and most recently World Italy was opened in February 2018. Further theme worlds have been planned until 2028. From the very beginning the construction sites and workshops have been  open for  visitors. It is set out in sections over 2 floors and includes Middle Germany, Knuffingen, Austria, Hamburg, USA, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Knuffingen airport, Italy, Venice and Rome

Middle Germany is one of the oldest landscapes in Miniatur Wunderland. It was built together with Austria and Knuffingen during the first construction phase from December 200 to August 2001 and has become an important milestone in the renaissance of model building.and construction time took 20,000 hours

Knuffingen is one of the oldest theme worlds at the Wunderland, besides Austria and Middle Germany. The town counts 10,000 inhabitants and is situated beautifully between the Harz Mountains and the Alps. It is one of the biggest towns in Wunderland.

Austria and its Alps are, besides Middle Germany and Knuffingen, one of the first three theme worlds of the Wunderland.

Hamburg is the hometown of Miniatur Wunderland and the largest, as well as the most densely populated, city of the entire Wunderland. In the hanseatic town live approximately 250 inhabitants per m²

The USA theme world was constructed from January 2003 until December 2003. Altogether it took 99,000 hours to build all the little details and the special landscapes.

In July 2005 Scandinavia made up of  Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland were added to the wunderland incuding the North and Baltic Sea, filled with 30,000 liters of real water, and is the centerpoint of this theme world.

Switzerland stretches  across more than six meters and two storeys, Switzerland is the theme world with the most fascinating landscape, and you can enjoy it from all angles.

Knuffingen Airport, exppands  over an area of 150 m² and features realistic air traffic, and is the most fascinating section of Wunderland from a technical point of view and took 6 years to build at a cost of 4,000,000 Euros

The lighting also changed from day to night periodically while walking around which let you see the places in the light and dark and brilliant to see with everyting lit up.

If you take a trip to Hamburg I would definately recomend this to keep you entertained for a few hours


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