Cruiselines Helping the Environment

We are reading in the press more and more these days about helping save our environment and Cruiselines are trying to help with this too. I was on Celebrity Edge in April and they no longer have  bottled water in plastic bottles and replaced these with tin ones. Single use plastics are to be banned from a lot of the cruiselines and the most commonly used are plastic straws.  Msc Cruises have already implemented this and also Carnival Cruiseline with their brand ambassador announcing in April that they will only be provided on request.

Cruise and Maritime have also put notices up in their bars stating “In the interest of protecting the environment, please be advised that plastic straws will not be served with drinks from the bars. Should you require one please ask your server”.

As Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises come inder the Norwegian Cruiselime Umbrella they have also banned using plastic straws onboard. Seabourn Cruiseline has also stopped using plastic lids on the disposable coffee cups and again are only given if requested.

Fred Olsen have taken the biggest step to help with a Campaign called “Refill”. Instead of plastic bottles of water in the cabins glass carrafes will be  replenished daily. Refillable Water cans  can be purchased from the shops onboard and bar staff will be onhand to refill these for you. Alternatively you can bring a refillable bottle with you and refill this from the refilling stations which are going to be installed across all the ships. Along with this they too will no longer use plastic straws cutlery and coffee cups.

I think this is a great move forward and hopefully in the not too distant future we will see all the cruiselines getting rid of all disposable plastics.


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