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Your Guide To The Best Drink Packages of 2016


It’s all about the All-inclusive option this year, you want it included in your holiday prices. It is good to help you budget for your cruise.

Are you aware of what is included in the cruise line drinks promotions.

Its not black & white ( not everything is included )

see some of the biggest cruise lines below.

do we think they should all make it simpler or just go back to good old tradition way.


Their package, known as the Allegrissimo Drinks Package, is included free with all bookings but is worth around £154pp (based on a seven night sailing) and comes with literally everything… Soft drinks, bottled and draught beers, cocktails, wine’s (including Prosecco!), mixers and coffees!

Msc is the easiest to understand and over all they are not ripping you off.

2016 will be a good year as cruises are great value for money.


complimentary drinksNorwegian Cruise Line


In the drinks promotion you’ll receive soft drinks, bottled and draught beer, spirits, wine by the glass (under the value of $15) and cocktails which will be worth around $54pp per night.

not a drinker ? you can declined the drinks and have on board spend instead4

good thinking NCL

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

You’ll find Royal Caribbean’s drink package (which they say is worth $42pp per day) is very similar to Celebrity’s (as you’d expect for sister companies) however they’ve placed slightly higher in our guide as the package also comes with a Coca Cola souvenir glass and is included free when you book! (They also offer 20% off bottles of wine rather than Celebrity’s 15%!)


Celebrity Cruises

Gin with lemon and iceStill mid table but heading down towards the bottom end of the packages now we get to Celebrity Cruises.

With their classic drinks package you can choose from beers up to $6 per serving, spirits and cocktails up to $8 a serving and wine by the glass at $9 a serving.

However if you do prefer to order wine by the bottle then as we’ve already said buying the drinks package nets you a 15% discount off all bottles; even their reserved and rare wine lists (and those wines are nice!).

Oh and Celebrity’s package is also included free when you book!

Cruise & Maritime

Cruise & Maritime’s drinks package doesn’t include anywhere near as much as other cruise lines but they’ve avoided the bottom slot as their package is exclusive to www.CRUISE.co.uk (what can we say? We’re biased!)

The package comes with free drinks worth around £85 per cabin and will include five bottles of wine (made up of two red, two white and a rosé) plus five bottles of mineral water.



P&O and Cunard

drinksWe’ve placed P&O and Cunard in the bottom slot for drinks packages as they’re both sister cruise lines and both offer a very similar package (although the P&O package is slightly cheaper).

We’re calling them drinks package although in reality they’re actually only wine packages of which two different ‘levels’ are available.

There’s the Captain’s and the Commodores collections with the Commodore collection providing slightly nicer wines (although that comes down to taste obviously).

Once you’ve settled on a package you then have the option of purchasing either four, six, nine or twelve bottles of wine with prices ranging from £72.50 per package right through to £200 for the Captains collection or £88.50 per package to £230 on the Commodores Collection. (We’re not quite sure how much nicer the wine will be on the Commodore’s Package for an extra £2.50 a bottle but we’re happy to hear your feedback)!

As we’ve said the packages are exactly the same with Cunard except the prices range from $175 for four bottles right through to $470 for twelve (or $225 to $585 on the Commodore Package).







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