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Feeling lucky..

I get to check out my own holiday before I travel but not before I booked. So watch this space did I do the right thing?

So my summer holiday is booked and I’ve for the first time ever chosen to cruise as my main holiday. It’s a brand new ship the carnival vista is the largest ship yet from Carnival with a few added extras.

So this weekend on am flying to Barcelona to check out the ship.

I’m feeling hopeful as I have already had my own passengers who have recently traveled and checked it out for me. I always try to give all my passengers a welcome home call and was keen to hear about the ship I was due to travel.

I already had a few great tips from that call and now I can see for myself.

Tips I have been given

*Drinks are very expensive, so check out the drinks packages that can be booked before you travel

Top tip- corkage fee $15 and you can buy wine on shore and freely bring it on board.

Cabins to avoid deck 10 ( Imax ) cinema here playing latest movies which is great but if you wanted an early night can get noisy ( star wars screening at 11pm )

Deck 14 Havana club playing live music also noisy

Dress code lazy and not being enforced. ( not sure i can confirm this ) but you can read all reviews here – latest  reviews 

The Sky ride not open on windy days

So I will check and confirm all the above and much more so watch this space with photos and my personal review



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