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Your best bet for affordable cruises……

Date Posted: Friday, Dec 12 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Part 1

We are hearing more & more cruise lines jumping onto the popular all inclusive packages. Traditionally cruises were all inclusive but this only meant full board, all meals, not drinks. This was perfectly acceptable no-one battered an eye lid, you checked in, not online but at the port ... Read More

Good news…new ships joining luxury cruise line -Seabourn

Date Posted: Friday, Dec 05 2014    Category: Uncategorized

I am always talking to customers who have returned from cruising with the likes of P&O who have concerns that standards are slipping from service to what makes a cruise a cruise the food. Although it’s not down to me how they run the business, over the years prices have ... Read More

From Russia WITHOUT love

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 28 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Just as the popularity of river cruising in Russia was gaining momentum over the last few years it all comes to a grinding halt as the tensions in the Crimean region rise and force the various River Cruise Lines to pull out or cut the number of sailings they ... Read More

Hidden costs for beginners

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 21 2014    Category: Uncategorized

You may hear the word full board but what are the main hidden extras / hidden costs you need to consider when thinking of a cruise ?

The big one is shore excursions – some will travel for the cruise ship only, to dine and ... Read More

Solar Eclipse cruise- still availble

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 14 2014    Category: Uncategorized

This will be the last total solar eclipse visible in Europe until August 2026. To witness such an event is a singularly memorable experience not to be missed.

I witnessed the 1999 one here in the UK where we traveled down to Newquay and camped overnight in a tent in the middle ... Read More

Can it call itself a cruise ?

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 07 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Gullet cruise?

Well no when you compare this

too this

Gullet is an actual vessel not cruise ship

It is a traditional design of a two-masted or three-masted wooden sailing vessel from Turkey, particularly built in the coastal towns of Bodrum and Marmaris; although similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean

Cruising along ... Read More

All-inclusive is back !

Date Posted: Friday, Oct 31 2014    Category: Uncategorized

Royal Caribbean have done it again, just when they tell you the offer has ended they extend it! Well it ended for a month or so ago and now the offer is back. Royal Caribbean are once again offering new bookers the free drinks package on most of their sailings. ... Read More


Date Posted: Friday, Oct 24 2014    Category: Uncategorized


According to various online sources and cruise rumour mills Royal Caribbean have done away with corkage fees for taking your own wine on board and consuming at the dining table – this has then been confirmed by Royal Caribbean themselves via twitter and other official sources.


Caution Scam Alert

Date Posted: Friday, Oct 17 2014    Category: Uncategorized

We’ve all heard of one scam or another, whether we admit it or not we or someone we know has probably been affected. We live and learn right ?

But the other day I was so annoyed that one of my own customers had been ripped off by applying on-line for ... Read More

It’s all about the kids…never be bored!!

Date Posted: Friday, Oct 10 2014    Category: Uncategorized

As you may know I have my very own bundle of joy now one and am always looking at what is on offer, so here is a fun guide of what’s available for children of all ages on board ship.

A is for Animation: Cartoon-loving children have the opportunity to learn ... Read More

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