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Not missing a trick

Date Posted: Friday, Jan 22 2016    Category: Uncategorized

News came last week that Crystal cruise lines have decided to cancel itinaries which included Turkey due to safety concerns.

It is more likely that the Med ( spain ) will be more popular this year coming.

The next to cancel Turkey ports and replace with the Greek Islands was MSC

The decision will ... Read More

What’s 2016 got in-store for you ?

Date Posted: Friday, Jan 08 2016    Category: Uncategorized

Happy new year to all my existing customers and I look forward to making new customers.

What are your plans this year? Have you already been browsing the web www.cruise.co.uk  Are you a January booker ? taking advantage of the deals around and needed something booked up to look forward ... Read More

New please note

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 20 2015    Category: Uncategorized

UPDATE NEW PROCEDURE****Starts now P&O Cruises Ex Southampton Embarkation Processes

Arrival and check-in The process is very straightforward. Due to the large number of guests embarking our ships, we have always operated a staggered embarkation process. All guests will be allocated an Arrival Time on their e-ticket. To ensure they spend less ... Read More

It could be you

Date Posted: Friday, Nov 06 2015    Category: Uncategorized

The dreaded N word – Norovirus -It is a highly contagious viral infection which will  flourish in a closed environment a cruise ship is perfect for this virus to speed.

So I haven’t ever had norovirus on a cruise or otherwise, so I don’t want to sound unsympathetic, as I hear stories of many who ... Read More

You will have to fly to see the very newest ships

Date Posted: Friday, Oct 16 2015    Category: Uncategorized

Do you like being able to cruise out of Southampton on all the latest cruise ships? Are you ready for some bad news?

Have you actually looked at the cruising schedule for 2016???

We’ve been looking at the cruise schedules for the next year or two and it looks like all the major cruise ... Read More

My affordable bucket list…whats yours?

Date Posted: Friday, Oct 02 2015    Category: Uncategorized

We are seeing some wonderfull, life ambition,cruises which are on our new and exclusive bucket list cruises for all over the world. But lets not forget we have wonders of the world just on our door step and all accessible by European cruises.

Venice Harbour, Italy

Geiranger Fjord, Norway

Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

Vesuvius, Naples, ... Read More

Been their done that ?

Date Posted: Friday, Sep 18 2015    Category: Uncategorized

Take a look at these indifferent cruise destinations, and tick it off  your bucket list.

Bucket List Cruising is a new concept to cruising, it’s new to escorted tours… in fact, holidaying in general for that matter. It’s a new type of cruising exclusive to us and if you can imagine it – we’ll ... Read More

Grand Voyages lower then ever

Date Posted: Friday, Sep 04 2015    Category: Uncategorized

August has been a very busy month and booking so many long haul destinations and this year I have been absolutely amazed by some of the prices for the further afield exotic voyages. I have always thought that if you can get a cruise for around the £50 per person a ... Read More

Over Crowded?

Date Posted: Friday, Aug 21 2015    Category: Uncategorized

Costa Cruises has announced plans to build the “next generation” of cruise ship, placing an order for what will be the two largest passenger vessels in the world based on total capacity.

With over 2,600 guest cabins apiece, each ship will be able to accommodate up to 6,600 passengers. This is ... Read More

Tips for getting your moneys worth or just greedy and more Importantly….

Date Posted: Friday, Aug 07 2015    Category: Uncategorized


Below is a really good read about getting your monies worth on a voyage , which no doubt what we all try to do weather it’s sheading a few  pounds before will travel to only regain and more. I am a culprit of this but after reading it feel slightly guity ... Read More

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