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Complimentary upgrades Say Yes or No ????

Date Posted: Wednesday, Jan 26 2011    Category: Uncategorized

There are many questions about this on our website and with January being one of our biggest bookings month. I ask this question all day every day.

Would you accept a complementary upgrade ?

This one little question has so many more questions to follow. So I have tried to comprise a list of the most ... Read More

My New Year Challenge

Date Posted: Monday, Jan 03 2011    Category: Uncategorized

So just like that Christmas is over and January is here again,and every one is talking about there new years resolution. Mine however is some what different this year,as there is a little wager in it.

So after a memorable 2010 getting married, the build up, the 100 hen do’s and turning thirty. ... Read More

Holiday Time

Date Posted: Monday, Nov 15 2010    Category: Uncategorized

I am now away from my desk until Monday the 29th November.

This evening we are traveling to Heathrow and staying in the easy hotel. Now we choose this hotel as it was so cheap only £30 for the room. The avenge over night stay at airport is around the ... Read More

Thomson Dream.What are they thinking?

Date Posted: Wednesday, Oct 20 2010    Category: Uncategorized

You may have seen it on watch dog, only a few weeks ago the Thomson Dream was featured with far from a glowing report. One of the biggest mistakes they made was to advertise, the new to Thomson fleet, as a band new ship, this I’m sure was not intentional ... Read More

Bon Voyage.

Date Posted: Wednesday, Oct 13 2010    Category: Uncategorized

I like to take the time to call as many of my clients as possible just before they depart on their voyage.

And last week in particular was very interesting to me as the Queen Elizabeth Maiden voyage was upon us. My customers were not the only ones excited as I myself was invited ... Read More

Save Money ! Is it Worth the Risk ?

Date Posted: Wednesday, Oct 06 2010    Category: Uncategorized

With the latest disruption recently over The Spanish air strike last week. I ask myself is it worth saving money by not taking the flights with the cruise operator and saving money by doing you own thing?

Many cruise lines now are based in Europe in the summer months and with ... Read More

Thinking of next summer holidays ? Is a Cruise within your budget?

Date Posted: Wednesday, Sep 15 2010    Category: Uncategorized

This time of year is very busy for us , we are talking more than ever about next summer’s cruise voyages. The last 2 weeks I have been talking to more and more families, calling me to check out what we can offer for next summer, as you have either just returned from ... Read More

Something A Little Different……..Grand Alaska Adventure

Date Posted: Tuesday, Aug 31 2010    Category: Uncategorized

I Came across this 72 Night voyage departing in April Next year , many of the world voyages start in January , this one stood out as not only a Summer voyage , but the cruise visiting  Alaska taking in just over 2 weeks  &  10 ports of call , ... Read More

Cruise.Co Wedding of the Year !

Date Posted: Wednesday, Aug 25 2010    Category: Uncategorized

Here are some long awaited photo’s for all my clients who have been asking. I had the best day of my life , and I am now ready to do it all over again. Thank-you all for all your best wishes and gifts from mine & Tony’s clients and all at cruise.co.uk

Read More

Volcanic Ash ! A Winners Story !

Date Posted: Sunday, Apr 25 2010    Category: Uncategorized

The first ever UK airspace closure came on Thursday15th  April  when air safety officials announced a total ban on air traffic movements inside the United Kingdom,  fears of volcanic ash causing significant safety risks to aircrafts.

The National Air Traffic Services (NATS), who control air traffic activities within the United Kingdom, ... Read More

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