To recline or not to recline …That’s the question ?

My family and I have just returned from an amazing holiday to Mexico. We all had a wonderful time out there , and also came back married so all in all the trip of a lifetime. Now today im not going to talk about the amazing holiday and bore you with all that , I want to have a rant about the age old debate of the reclining seat onboard the flight and are you a pro or a con towards it.


We are a family of five and had prebooked seats together of a three and middle two. The flight going out was fine as it was a day flight and it all went smoothly. We travelled on the dreamliner, which was a lovely airbus. The seats were a good size , lots of great movies to choose from , good food and drinks served whenever you wanted. All in all a very comfortable flight.


The return flight was a ten hour overnight flight which I thought would be ok as at least with these type of flights you can sleep and it goes a lot quicker.


A couple of hours in and after people had had the meals , everyone obviously started to relax and think about sleeping.


Now , I understand that everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible when there stuck on a long flight but I really was not happy with what happened next.


 My 15 year old, who is taller then me and quite a strapping lad, had a passenger in front of him that decided to recline their seat back. The difference it made to his area of space and comfort on that flight , made a huge difference.


 I just feel were all stuck in the same situation , in cattle class , can people not see how rude this is and quite frankly bad travel etiquette. It is everyone’s sole decision if they want to recline as obviously the seats have been made to do so , but I just wouldn’t do it.


 You can still get to sleep and rest in the upright position and I just dont think its very fair on the person sitting behind you. Your seat is virtually in their face and it is not necessary, If we all just kept them in the same upfront position then the flight would be so much easier for people. 


The gain of one comes at the pain of another. 


This of course will be argued by some, as its their chair, so their rights to do whatever they like with it , which is very true, but myself personally,will not be reclining anytime soon.


I was on a flight to Miami once and a girl had her drink spilt all over her lap because the guy in front reclined his seat. It was then very uncomfortable for her for the rest of the flight , but the guy in front was relaxing and chilling without a care in the world – its just not right !!


If you want to recline or even lie down and stretch out then do your fellow passengers a favour and upgrade to premium or business. If not then please just stick it out like the rest of us so we can all travel happily and keep the skies friendly and a happy place.

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