My Mexican adventure…..




Its finally here !!!!!


After months in the planning next week i will be swapping my headset for a sombrero and jetting off to the Mexican Riviera. Not only is it going to be a holiday of a lifetime for my family and I but we will also be getting married while we are out there as well.


I can’t believe its finally here, and after the completely rubbish summer, we have had I really can’t wait to get my hit of sunshine and vitamin c.


We are staying in a beautiful hotel that is connected with three other hotels and you can eat in all of the specialty restaurants. We have been mega organised with this trip and have pre-booked all the restaurants already so we will literally be rolling back on the plane after two weeks of pure indulgence.


The kids are really excited and as a little treat at the end of the holiday, we have booked to go to a nature park reserve Xel Ha where the kids are going to swim with the dolphins so they are really looking forward to that. 


The Wedding itself is only a very small affair, with my family of 4 and then are two best friends. We are getting married at 4 pm on the beach followed by a private dinner on the beach. It will be really nice and I can’t wait to become Mrs. Layland. When we return we will also be having a big party for our friends and family so we are lucky that we have two big celebrations.


This weekend will consist of me trying to get us all packed up and ready to go. This is always a challenge with the five of us and with the extra wedding stuff we are going to end up with quite a lot of luggage, so its a bit stressful but I’m sure we will be fine.


So next time sign in I will be a happily married woman and probably two stone heavier !!!

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