Msc say Ciao to gratuities…

As another cruise line ditches tips ,  is this the domino effect with more cruise lines to follow suit. Msc cruises have now confirmed that from today , 25th June ,  Tips will now be included with the cruise fares and will not be added onboard your holiday. This is from new bookings made from today and any existing one will be still under the same terms.


Antonio Paradiso, MSC‘s Managing Director UK & Ireland, stated: “The decision has been made in order to simplify the booking process and ensure the best possible onboard experience for our guests.” 

I have to say that this is music to my ears because it is always a talking point with tips and nine times out of ten  , British clients do not like to pre pay their tips. We usually like to have the service first and then providing everything has gone smoothly tip the people we like to after. The main concerns for cruisers is usually if the staff onboard are receiving the tips once they are included in the fares and will this effect the level of service onboard.

Will we see a major increase in the fares?? Who knows it will definitely be interesting to see over the next few months if we see an increase in the Msc prices . It seems to have worked well with P&O as they scrapped gratuities in May and I think the overall feel was that prices had remained very steady.

I think a lot of people just like to book their cruise and know exactly what’s included , when we start talking about the cruise line adding on daily service charges and percentage fees on drinks it does put people off so I can see why Msc have done it. Hopefully this will see a rise in the Uk market booking Msc now they can tip who and when they like under their own steam.


Who do we think will be next to follow in Msc footsteps and is this the beginning of the end when it comes to gratuities?

If you are interested in booking an Msc cruise or any other line then please give me a call and I will be happy to help.



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