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Thanks for taking the time to read about me.  I can tell you a little about my life and travels. It gives you an idea of who you are dealing with and how I can assist you with your worldwide cruising desires. I worked on ships as a shore excursions…

Posted on Jan 24, 2019
Can you go without your Starbucks… Costa… Mcdonalds… To have a cruise instead?

Some people have two convenience coffees a day at a cost of £2.50 and for the convenience of having your coffee to go, would you give this up, in order to be able to afford a cruise? It may take you just over a year but at £2.15 per day…

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Posted on Jan 10, 2019
How to get to dine with the Captain!

When at sea there are always fishy tales to be told during a nice meal with several glasses of fine wine. During my time working at Thomson cruises I was lucky enough to host the Captains and senior officers table at formal nights. My duties included meeting the guests before…

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Posted on Dec 27, 2018
Royal Caribbean Man Overboard From Harmony of the Seas

I am always sad to report bad news especially about any crew member who goes overboard from any ship. This was from the Harmony of the Seas Boxing day morning, according to a Royal Caribbean ship employee. The crew member is reportedly an entertainer from the U.K. who was a member…

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Posted on Dec 11, 2018
Merry Christmas, to all the crew who are at sea this year!

What is it like to be crew on a cruise ship at Christmas? Well for most people at sea across the globe, it is a time to think of family at home and with the internet they can at least video call their real family. However on ships crew all…

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Posted on Nov 28, 2018
South America put it on your bucket list now!

I sailed around South America on Queen Victoria and it was an amazing voyage. There are really so many highlights that I would really encourage anyone to get this sailing booked at least once in your lifetime. From the scenery of Cape Horn and Argentina to the Cities of Buenos…

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Posted on Nov 13, 2018
Will Black Friday float your boat / ship?

Will Black Friday float your boat / ship ( I do know it's a ship). It’s the middle of November and people have stopped planning for holidays. Christmas is just around the corner the high street is full of advent calendars, Santa outfits and Christmas trees. Focus goes on to wrapping…

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Posted on Oct 30, 2018
Drinks, WI-FI and 2nd passenger for less? Finishing on 5th November 2018

You must read this if you are thinking of booking to go on Independence of the Seas. The Million Dollar refit has meant the ship now has more to do than ever before. For families it makes Royal Caribbean’s already favourite ship in the UK, an even more attractive proposition.…

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Posted on Oct 16, 2018
Off on my holidays… to Spain….

I made the mistake last week of letting my son, Max, know that we were about to go on holiday to Spain.  The excitement of a 3 year old saying, every time we got in the car, ‘are we going to Spain yet’ wore off quite quickly. He even took…

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Posted on Oct 8, 2018
What do Spectrum and China have in common?

I chose to travel to China almost 10 years ago on an escorted tour visiting Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Yangtze River, terracotta Warriors, Great Wall, Forbidden City and much more. I realised the Tour was fully organised and guided in every way, but me being a holiday rep I wanted to…

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Posted on Sep 24, 2018
Cunard 2020 is going public tomorrow… Can you plan that far ahead?

Queen Mary 2 , Queen Elizabeth or Queen Victoria? I have worked on both QM2, QV and have been lucky enough, in my role on both these ships, to have the freedom to use the public areas. I love what Cunard are all about, the elegance, sophistication, and choice of…

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