November and Black Friday offers…..

Will Black Friday float your boat? ( I do know it’s a ship). It’s the end of October and people have stopped planning for holidays. Christmas is just around the corner the high street is full of advent calendars, Santa outfits and Christmas trees. Focus goes on to wrapping presents and writing Christmas cards. Making lists and checking them twice.

Then on 23rd November 2019 a strange and wonderful thing will happen. Cruise lines put together cruise deals especially for Black Friday. Over the last 3 years the offers have got better.

Some companies offer balcony upgrades for free.  While others focus on 3rd and 4th passengers travelling for almost nothing….


So if you’re planning a cruise is it worth waiting until Friday the 23rd of November.  Right now I would say yes. The reason being most of the exceptional free drinks offers have just finished.  Cruise companies are so cloak-and-dagger about what offer they’re going to come up with. So even if you’re a cruise specialist it’s difficult to say for sure what Black Friday is going to bring.

What I do know is if you are travelling as a family during school holidays. Black Friday is always a good time to take a look at the best ways of getting on board for the least amount of money. Really do consider all cruise lines and stop focusing on the ones you think are the best…. No ship out there wants you to have a bad cruise so they make sure the food is excellent, entertainment is dazzling and the crew try to anticipate your every need.

One thing I have seen over the last two years is that cruise prices have risen by a lot…. Any offer, discount, special or upgrade should be grasped with both hands and never look back…..


let me know if you see any good offers and if you want any cruise, any place, anywhere priced up.

Just let me know on  0333 300 2480 Adrian Partridge

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