Family Cruises…. Failing to plan ahead, Is planning to Fail

Cruises are really getting popular with families. Not just rich families, but your average lets go on a foreign holiday type of family.

I can see why, when you start to look at the prices of places like Butlin’s, Centre Parks, Haven or even a B&B stay near the coast. The price per person per night start from £50 upwards and then the cost of the experience does not stop there… With fish and chips, pizza & ice cream all costing extra. That is without a bike rental, or another activity the little ones will definitely want to do.

Of course, we all want it to be a fun experience, being away from normal daily chores. Staying up later. Eating lovely food. Plus, getting to create memories with your loved ones… I am sure many families manage to tick all of these boxes, however my point is that as parents it can be an easier task if everything is included, and cruise ships manage to do this seamlessly. With slides, laser tag, escape rooms, shows during the evenings and kids clubs for all ages cruising is hitting all the hot spots for families.

So what can you do to get a great deal?

Forget last minute with ships…. It never works as all the cabins for four people are booked years in advance. If there is a cancellation for a four berth room for the summer holidays this will go back on sale for a higher price, to catch the rich families who didn’t plan ahead.

Register with a cruise specialist (like myself) and then you will get specials sent out to you. Black Friday and when ships first go on sale is the ideal time to pay a very low deposit to get the cabins you need. That way you can change some of your bad spending habits like take out coffee’s, meals out, take away’s and put the money away for your dream holiday.

If your cruise is going to cost £5000 for August 2021 you have 87 weeks to save up which is when the balance is due… and £58 per week will cover it. Get the bike out and bike to work instead of taking the car, which will save the cost of the fuel. Stop buying pre packaged meals… Get some inspiration from those guys on Eat Well for Less and that way you could eat more on you cruise holiday. I have had some customers give up smoking to take the family away. Giving up alcohol is a step too far though… I think so anyway, Haha.

Let me know if you have a plan to go on a cruise I am happy to help groups or extended families get the right ship and itinerary to suit everyone from Great Grandma to the 6 month Infant, although their expectations are quite low. Mainly milk and sleep.

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  1. Cruise with balcony from Southampton or Tilbury from January 2020

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