Cabin Stewards deserve to be treated…. Better

Is it just me…. Or do you want your cabin steward to get some time off?

They are the friendliest crew and happy to serve. They always have a smile and ask how your day has been.

I know it is mad, but when I sail, on any ship I find that the confined space in the cabin means it is much better to be tidy…. I do put my clothes away, tuck my shoes under the desk so we don’t keep tripping up on them.

I also use the rubbish bins and put anything I no longer want in them to be collected. This includes all of the leaflets and pieces of paper put under my door so the room stays tidy.

I wouldn’t go cleaning the shower room or toilet but with a vacuum toilet I find that if you put a single sheet of toilet paper in the drop zone, it does avoid any excessive brush work from your cabin steward and keeps the area as fresh as it can be.

Try it… But don’t go putting too much paper in there as they will block easily… and that means trouble for the whole corridor.

Many stewards have 20 cabins like yours to look after and that does not give them much time to make the beds, dust daily, clean the whole bathroom and balcony area too. When they are all done and the cabins have been checked by a supervisor they do get some free time to go ashore and call their families or get some wifi in Starbucks. This is precious time for every crew member and although tips are gratefully received most cabin stewards would rather have more time ashore in the ports or an extra hours sleep.

So my advise today is if you love your cabin steward and want them to have the best week every. Have a little tidy up and make there jobs a little easier.

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6 Comments on “Cabin Stewards deserve to be treated…. Better

  1. I agree, I always keep cabin as tidy as I can for my own sake as well as the cabin attendant, bed turned back, clothes and shoes put away, and I keep my make up etc in a drawer. I may be holiday but I don’t want to live in a mess.

  2. We have now been on a great deal of cruises and we see just how hard the crews works ,

    if you can’t be bothered to keep you cabin tidy, l hate to think just what your houses are like.

    the staff are there to keep your room tidy and look after you

    they are not your personal slaves.

  3. As you say it’s much easier to try to hang clothes up so the cabin steward can get at the bathroom and make the bed . I walk past cabins with everything strewn all over and wonder what the stewards must think

  4. I put a do not disturb sign up so the cabin is only when I think the towels need changing…

    Having had a lovely towel animal made I got 4 days of showers out of it, as I was on my own, before I needed new ones and had my room cleaned.

  5. Will you be asking us to cook our own meals to help out the poor overworked chefs or maybe nominate one guest from the table to assist the waiters to deliver your food to save the long wait.
    My favorite would be to serve your own drinks at the bar so the poor extremely busy bar person can take a break at peak times.
    Again it all seems to end up on the poor passengers plate, bad pay, poor working conditions, overworked, its not my problem the cabin steward has 20 or 200 cabins to maintain, it is the employer (cruise line) who is responsible for these problems.
    We as passengers pay top prices to cruise, coupled with high service charges (up to 20%) tips, and sometimes gratuities added to your account daily, for this we expect the best service possible,not made to feel guilty about the working conditions of others.
    For the record, we do tidy our cabin each morning as we would do when staying in a hotel, this is because we are tidy people and for no other reason. We also tip well for service above the norm.
    Before I am told (or not) with this attitude cruising is not for me, I have been on, in the region of 30 cruises and I LOVE it

  6. I wouldn’t dream of leaving my cabin untidy. The cabin stewards are not slaves.

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