Balcony cabin for 7 nights cruise only £199! Can that be possible?

Sometimes we see offers that look too good to be true… Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas from Dubai on the 16th December 2019. But this one was actually available for a little while and did exist until they sold all the cabins….

Then we still had hundreds of calls to check the authenticity of the offer. By that time the next nearest price, for cruise only was £400 per person more than the offer price. Which is still an amazing offer if you happen to be in Dubai at that time. If this happens to you, please realise there are only so many cabins available at these offer prices and when they are booked they are gone.

There is not really time to check with the dog sitter, husband or wife who is not there at the moment. By the time this has been done these will have gone. Have you ever had this happen to you?

We cannot get Royal Caribbean to sell all of their cabins at this price as it would not be profitable and they would be out of business by next year.

We cannot fly you to Dubai for free so you will still need to book flights. The flights to Dubai at Christmas time are around £750 – £800 per person. So not the cheapest and when this is all put together with a transfer it is still such a great offer for Royal Caribbean 1 week £1349 per person, however nobody who called in for the £199 cruise advert are going to want to pay this even if they want winter sun…..

Marketing is a funny thing and you should always ask yourself, is this really possible? What is the catch? If it’s cruise only, how am I going to get there? What extras do I need to make this holiday great for me?

Lets face it, if you can get on any ship for less than £500 and have all your food and entertainment that is still amazing considering we are in 2019 and the price to visit a destination in the UK for a week can cost more than this…. I wish there were more offers like this so that everyone had the chance to try a cruise. It would really boost the industry and get more people addicted to cruise, Just like me.

Let me know if you find a great offer and want it pricing to suit your every need. Adrian 03333002480

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