Baby on Board, is as good as the best loyalty programme on ships.

My son Max is now 4 years old and we had his Pirate party last week. What else would the son of two sailors want? It was his decision though, when Sonja and I asked him what kind of party he would like. No pressure from either of us at all.

We have travelled as a family on Hurtigruten, MSC and Princess and I really believe the crew can make or break a fantastic family holiday. I know Sonja and I smile a lot… Which helps make friends and influence people. But take a small child on a cruise and you really see the crew in a different light.

Cruise ship staff and crew are attentive at worst… But with a baby on a ship you really see the family side come into play. Extra offers to fetch things at the buffet…. Offers to carry your child or the tray…. Hanging around our table to check everything is fine with Max. With the hope of a cheeky smile….

Musicians on the ship are happy to have anyone get up and dance during their set… But if it is a 3 year old you are guaranteed a smile and they will play your requests. Cabin stewards always go the extra mile in the hope of a tip at the end of the sailing. But when there is a child in the cabin all stops are pulled out with towel sculptures, extra chocolates on the pillow, with the happiest smiles around if they get a high five from him.

On Hurtigruten the chef came out to see Max and gave him a Norwegian flag as well as extra attention to getting him served first. Mainly so we could get him to bed.


On both MSC and Princess they have always gone the extra mile with Max coming home with a complete treasure of cuddly Do-Rey-Me from MSC and Floppy the penguin from Princess as well as drawings, costumes, t shirts, toys and more. They could really not do enough to make his time and ours a pleasure.

So when people say to me I am too young to go cruising try  18 months and take it from Max there is something for everyone when it comes to cruise ships…

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