Where’s My Tea, I’m British!

Despite saying they would never do this Princess Cruises, has just announced that passengers sailing out of the UK on Sapphire Princess will now have in-cabin tea and coffee-making facilities.


The reason they have said they do not offer this in the past was that Tea and Coffee were readily available in the Buffet and, guests could order room service, and have it delivered in style to their cabins.

However, it seems us Brits just don’t like that. I for one wake up and put the kettle on, often taking a cuppa back to bed and just relaxing.

I don’t want to trail to the buffet to get it and I certainly don’t want a steward delivering it to my cabin that early in the morning, no matter how nice they are.

So, Kettles have been added so that Princess can cater better for the UK Market.

“We fully appreciate how much Brits all enjoy drinking tea and coffee”, said Tony Roberts, Princess Cruises‘vice president, UK and Europe, in a statement.

“While it’s still easy enough for guests to order complimentary hot drinks via room service or our onboard restaurants, introducing kettles will give them an extra coffee and tea-making option when it’s time to rise and shine or they’re sitting back and relaxing in their stateroom or balcony.”

And they are not the only ones who are realising they need to cater to the Brits taste for Tea and Coffee of course.

MSC recently did the same, adding Tea and Coffee trays to the Cabins on UK Sailings.

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity did this a number of years ago, but again it is only on sailings from the UK.

In 2017 there were rumours flying around that P&O were going to remove Tea and Coffee trays from their cabins, but this caused such an outrage, whether the rumours were true or not, it never happened.

Do you think cruises from European and US Ports etc should also offer Tea Trays?

I would love to hear your thoughts.



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