Following on from my Baggage Savvy Blog, I wanted to discuss the issues of taking extra baggage with you when you go on Tours.

I appreciate when you have a cruise included in your trip you want to look nice but you really do have to be aware of all the facts when deciding what to pack and how much to bring.

It is always a bugbear when we tell people the luggage allowance on internal flights is only 20 kgs in a lot of cases and they have to pay for extra luggage at the airport if they want it. They are never happy and want what the international carriers are giving, so it may be 23kgs or as high as 30kgs. Often people have upgraded flights to Premium or Business class on the international sectors and want to take 2 cases each or 3 between two.

There is a however a bigger issue when it comes to going on a Tour.

Do you realise that on Tours you carry your own luggage? The Tour guides do not do this for you.

This is often in tremendous heat, often across rough terrain, ropey car parks or train stations and airport facilities with multiple steps everywhere, which are a pain to navigate. Often there are no Lifts or none that work and it can be very difficult even for the fittest of people.

If you are on a Tour in a country with high altitude like South America you could end up carrying luggage in places over 2,500m where it is hard enough catching your breath or carrying a water bottle, let alone carrying luggage.

So, when you look at the amazing Tours we offer please consider this and make sensible decisions about what you really need to take with you.

These tours are all about the experience, the scenery,  the people and the amazing places they visit, so figure out the best compromise for you to make the best of your trip.


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