When I first started out in travel, which was too many years ago now, everything we did was on the phone.  There was no internet or email and not even a fax machine! We had to send a telex if we didn’t use the phone. Viewdata was just being introduced and we all thought it was revolutionary!

Now everything is online. I myself work from home, something which would have been an impossible task when I first started out. Consumers have so much choice and are bombarded with information. There are over 16 million users of the internet worldwide.

As Travel Professionals we navigate this high-tech world on a daily basis and even we can sometimes be confused by it all.


So, what do you do? Where do you start?

Should you book your own Cruise, Flights, Hotels and Transfer separately? Will it save you money? The Chances are in most cases it won’t. Plus, you are giving up that security of booking a fully bonded and protected package. Believe you me with the issues encountered by many of our customers this last year, from Cyclones to Hurricanes, Airline Failures and then snow just recently, customers were definitely been glad they had their protected packages with us and we were able to sort out flights to get them back home.

Then there is also the growth of bogus websites. People being caught out and parting with their hard-earned cash and not getting what they booked at the end of it. Is it worth the risk? Would you be able to spot a bogus site? Some of them have similar names to a genuine site and it is all designed to trip you up.

What would you do if your money was gone? Would you still be able to afford to go away? Probably not!

But protection aside, I can sit and wax lyrical about it and you may just shrug your shoulders and dismiss what I am saying.

However, the other element when it comes to looking on line for your holiday is Time. Do you really have the time to check out the deals? We all have very busy lives!

Do you know what cruise line will be right for you? Which Hotel would be central in Singapore? Where to go to visit the Bungle Bungles? If you don’t know then why not ask your travel professional.

The key is in the name! I am in Travel and have over 30 years’ experience!

I know which hotels will suit you, which cruise line will be best for you, which tours and excursions you should book, when you can see the Northern lights?  I have the expertise not matter what the query.

And finally, I am Professional. Put me to the test. Ask me to look for your next cruise Holiday?

Be honest about what you like doing whilst you are away and what budget you have to spend and let me do what I do best.  You can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that I am looking at all the options.  You can then peruse them and ask questions. I am not a pushy sales person. I want to get you your perfect holiday and get you a good deal too.

If you book online you can’t ask the computer questions and why is it that once you do book, getting hold of a number to contact them if there is a problem becomes almost impossible? I hate getting directed to FAQ’s. What use are these? We are not robots with issues that fit into little categories and often interpreting the answers can be just as bad as finding the question.

Book with me and once you have decided I will take care of the booking process. I will send you all the details and as your personal consultant I will be on hand until you return from your trip to help with any queries no matter how great or insignificant they are.  I am there to support you.

Why make booking your cruise difficult? Just call me can chill out!

Don’t just take my word for it. Read the comments my customers have posted on my blog.  I have over 730 comments currently from what I hope are satisfied customers.

Is your holiday worth taking a risk over?

Call me on 0330 303 8266 or email

I look forward to hearing from you.



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