Are you a Smoker?

Does it cause you issues when you going on a Cruise or Holiday?

If you can’t Smoke does it make you anxious and irritable?

I am not a Smoker and never have been, but I would not criticise others for their life choices either.

It can be a real problem if you have to spend long periods in an Airport and then on a flight and you smoke.

Sadly, I am old enough to remember when they actually had smoking on aircraft themselves let alone in the terminals etc.  Could never really understand it as you booked Smoking or non-smoking seats but you could be right behind or in front of the smoking seats so you were breathing it in any way!

Most Cruise Ships and Hotels have designated Smoking areas and some Airports have closed off smoking rooms so there is always somewhere to go but it can be awkward if you have to keep ducking out to go use one of these areas.  It is often the attitudes of fellow passengers and guests which is disconcerting for Smokers as they get dirty looks when they are smoking in the only place they can.


I find that usually, the Ex-smokers seem to be the least tolerant, but I am not sure if this is because of a hint of jealousy.  Again, I can’t fault them for giving up and know if is a very hard thing to do so I do applaud those who have.

If you are travelling and want to know if your airport can accommodate you check this out

Airports and Smoking

Similarly, if you are looking to book a cruise and don’t know what the policy is about smoking, then make sure you check.  Most cruise lines if not all now do not allow smoking on Balconies or in cabins.

Don’t think it will just be a rap on the knuckles if you get caught breaking the rules either. Most cruise lines have a fine, a cleaning up fee and you may even find yourself kicked off the ship.

The same applies in some Hotels and things you may not consider like Rental Cars. Most companies have a zero tolerance for smoking in the cars and they test when it comes back which could just lose you your refundable deposit!

Many people smoke E-cigarettes now, but I am not sure about you, I think the vapour from some of these seems far worse than the smoke

it looks like a steam train is in the station with some of them!

But going back to the stress it causes when people cannot smoke. There are ways to alleviate the cravings with patches etc but do they work?

Have you had any experience of these or maybe you have a top tip as a travelling smoker? Let me know.

Have you come across any impossible situations as a smoker?

Can you recommend any places, Ships or airport where the facilities are good for Smokers?

or have you had a nightmare smoking experience? Whether this is as a smoker or because of a smoker?

Feel free to share.


2 Comments on “SMOKING HOT!

  1. I’m a smoker not an alien and would not go in a cruise because of the looks you get when having a smoke smoking is not illegal and I should be able to smoke in a cruise ship they should have smokers cabins but they don’t it discriminates against smokers

  2. Malta airport is a progressive airport, there is a smoking area which is also an indoor/outdoor cafe. It is always busy and clean and the only airport that I have come across that malta actually cares for all their customers, not just the non-smokers It is a pleasure to fly from this airport.

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