New Year’s Resolution…

Goodbye 2013

Well 2013 has had its fair share of ups and downs.  I lost a job that I loved and had been in for 27 years and colleagues who were the best of friends.  However on the much brighter side I have found a new job, I am settling in, finding my feet and getting to know my new colleagues so Happy NewYear to you all and thanks for making me feel welcome.

For me 2013 had its very  low points.

The Brutal Machete attack on Drummer Lee Rigby – Woolwich – 22nd may 2013

       (There is a reason to bring back the death penalty.)

     My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

R.I.P Lee Rigby.

Drummer Lee Rigby, who was killed in a knife attack by two men in Woolwich

The Tragic death of the Great Nelson Mandela aged 95

4th December 2013

(Truly a man amongst men.)


The Death of Margaret Thatcher at 87 years old

7th April 2013

(Love her or hate her we all seem to have an opinion and isn’t that what politics is all about.)


The Boston Marathon Blast – 16th April 2013

(3 Dead and over 200 more injured whilst trying to raise money for charity!)

Boston Marathon bombing

Super Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines

7th November 2013

(Killing at least 6155 people with 1000’s still left buried to be discovered the death toll continues to rise and leaving 4.4 million people homeless.)

Super typhoon Haiyan: survivors walk past a ship that lies on top of damaged homes

Kenyan Mall attacks – 21st September 2013

(The 3 day siege resulted in 72 deaths including 61 civilians, 6 Kenyan soldiers and 5 attackers with over 200 others injured. What goes through people’s minds when they plan to do this? I sometimes despair at the world we live in.)

article-2kenyan mall

There were also High points to 2013.

The Birth of a future King.  George Alexander Louis was born on the 22nd July 2013.

(Third in line to the throne and so cute to boot. Have to say I am a royalist through and through.)


Andy Murray wins Wimbledon 7th July 2013

(Well done Andy you deserve it. Fantastic achievement!)

Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

The House of Lords approves the marriage of same sex couples bill – 15th July 2013

This receives royal accent on 17th July 2013 becoming the marriage (same sex couples) act 2013.

(About time people stopped being prejudice and said live and let live.)


Chris Froome wins the Tour de France for Great Britain – 22nd July 2013

(Way to go Chris – Whoop Whoop.)

Tour de France winner Chris Froome: 'cycling is now the world's cleanest sport' -video

Not a low or a high just a shame!

Sir Alex Ferguson retires after 27 years in Charge at Manchester United – 8th may 2013

alex fergusondownload

Lastly on a funnier note! Here re some of my funniest memories of 2013!

We Prancersized! Or at least we laughed whilst others did…


Ylvis asked “what does the fox say”!


We met Shark cat!


Grumpy cat was still grumpy!


So back to the reason for my post. My New Year’s Resolution

Lose weight! No, well maybe!

Stop smoking! I don’t smoke

Stop Drinking! Not a chance!

No this year I am going to try and be more tolerant of others and more helpful. I am not saying it will be easy as I can be quite opinionated but that it was I am going to do.

So it just remains for me to say

Happy 2014

Bye Bye 2013 Happy New Year 2014 Animated 3D Wallpapers Greetings

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