How to Break the Ice on a cruise Ship and make Friends – My Top Ten Tips

Cruisers, in general, are a friendly outgoing bunch.  Over the years I have booked many couples who have met on cruises and now cruise quite regularly together. It’s also great for the single scene with most cruise lines seating singles together at dinner and having ice breakers for them to meet early on in the cruise.

If you are fairly new to cruising and find you end up keeping yourself to yourself whilst on board and want to know some top tips for getting to know your fellow cruisers, then listen up.

So, Tip One

Make a good first impression. Be on top of your game, Dress smartly and appropriately for the cruise you are on. Don’t be overly confident, just try to be yourself.  When you do get chatting to fellow guests, whether at Dinner or in one of the bars or public areas, ask them about themselves, I find if you show an interest, they will usually return the favour.

Tip Two

The pool can be a real social hotspot. Don’t get me wrong as you chill in the jacuzzi this is also probably the place that everyone will get around to telling you they paid far less for their cruise than you did, but don’t get drawn in. Take what is being said with a pinch of salt and don’t let it ruin your trip.  Use the opportunity to ask people about themselves and get to know them.

Tip Three

We Brits in particular love our Trivia, I would be very surprised if there are not several quizzes taking place round the ship every day. If you are sailing with a group you may have a ready made team, but many do not so you will soon get teamed up and again it’s a great way to meet new people and have a bit of fun in the process. The game may go well and you may find you decide to meet up again for a other quiz later in the voyage, or you may hang around after the quiz for a drink or head to another bar together.

Tip Four

Auctions and Lectures are again a regular feature on the entertainment list of Cruise ships. They are great places to meet the most interesting and well-travelled people.

Tip Five

Don’t Hide, Get Involved.  There will be several clubs you can join whilst onboard and there will also be lots of classes you can take, from fitness to drawing, flower arranging, cooking and any number of other things including napkin folding and creating Towel animals. It is not particularly about the subject of the class, more about going along to see who else did, chances are there will be others just like you who want to meet new people too.

Tip Six

Have a go. When there are things to get involved with like a bit of Line dancing or ballroom, don’t be the one to shake your head politely and stay in your seat, get up and have a go. No one cares if you make a fool of yourself as most are in the same boat (Pardon the Pun) and it will show your lighter fun side.

Tip Seven

Shore excursions. These are another great way to meet like-minded people. I am not for one minute suggesting you book on ones which are of no interest to you as they can be pricey but pick the things you like doing and chances are the other guests on the trip will have similar interests to you.


Tip Eight

Get to know the Cruise Director. He is the one who can give you the insider knowledge on what is going on around the ship and where all the movers and shakers will be.


Tip Nine

Good old Fashioned Karaoke. Go along and listen even if you can’t hold a tune. If you get chatting who knows you may end up duetting with a fellow passenger, or if you are a dab hand, get up and let your light shine as people will remember you and go out of their way to say Hi on the rest of the trip.

 Tip Ten

Smile and Be Happy. Smiling really is infectious and if you smile when you meet people, people will want to be around you.  Then you can just be yourself.


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  1. I especially agree with the last one as we greet and smile at everybody. I joined a Knit and Natter group on our last cruise and had lovely times with like minded women.

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