Exit Row Anyone?

Generally speaking, for those who cannot afford to upgrade to Premium Or Business class the Exit door seats are the next desirable choice.

More leg room,

No one putting the seat back in front of you so you can’t watch the movie or kids hanging over the back and staring at you.

Although there is not much you can do about the ones behind you!

But in reality, is it the best place to be.

Points to Note before deciding:

Exit door seats are not bigger. They often have solid sides rather than the arm and being open below it. Or they have fixed arms so you cannot put them up during the journey to create more space. If you are a skinny mini you will not be bothered but anyone of larger proportions may feel a little pinched in by this.

The Tray comes out of the arm at the side as does the TV screen.

If the plane has two rows of exit door seats be wary as often the front of these two rows will not recline so not much fun if you are on a long haul overnight flight.

Exit doors are often located opposite toilets so that precious extra space you fought so hard to get may get taken over by people queuing for the Toilets and even if not by the toilets people tend to head to these spaces to stretch their legs so you may feel a little bit like you are being invaded.

NB: Take heed of the exit door seat warning regarding eligibility as staff will move you if you do not meet the criteria.

Some seats, in general, have their challenges.

Seats towards the back of the plane may seem like a good idea as it may be quieter as long as you don’t need to get off quickly to get a connection or mind having what meal is left over as the seats at the back tend to get served last.  Be wary of planes with galleys at the rear as well as they can noisy on some flights as people go backwards and forwards for drinks etc.

On a flight I took last year to Jamaica there was a virtual party going on at the back near the galley and in the end, the captain had to turn on the seat belt signs to get everyone back to their seats.

People often like the 2 seats near the window as the plane narrows at the back but again check this out if booking them as often the very back row or two may have fixed seats that don’t recline.

Are you a window person and need a window seat? If so, then again check that aircraft type and plan as you may find you have no view because of the wing or no window even though you are in a window seat.

Another rookie mistake is not to pre-book seats with the misbelief that the airline has to seat you together anyway as you are booked together. I wish I had £10 for every couple that thought this and then ended up sat at opposite ends of the plane.  I know it is an added expense and I agree airlines should let you book free of charge but the fact of the matter is, they Don’t! So, pay the extra and enjoy the flight.

TOP TIP: Check out Seatguru.com for the pitfalls on your aircraft type.

TOP TIP:  I wanted to mention is that Airlines can change planes so don’t think because you book on the new Dreamliner that you will definitely be travelling on it. Airlines can and do swap aircraft to meet demands. They have no obligation to give you the seats you booked on the new aircraft either so just bear this in mind.

Lastly, check your fare type before you confirm as some fare types do not allow you to pre-book seats before check-in.

If you are booked as part of a package, you may be on a group reservation which again will not allow you to pre-book seats or there may be a procedure for doing this which you will need to know. So ask these questions before you book to avoid disappointment.

Check twice, Book Once and have a happy Trip!




2 Comments on “Exit Row Anyone?

  1. I disagree – there are two possibilities for good seats for us, as a couple.
    1. look at the seat plan. some aircraft configurations have only two seat width on the outboard sections at the tail where the aircraft narrows – no chance of being stuck with someone else! and
    2. some airlines allow you to book a window seat and an aisle seat, leaving the middle seat unbooked in a group of three … you take a chance, but unless the aircraft is very full, it’s unlikely that the middle seat between you will get allocated – works nine times out of ten!

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