A Case of Mistaken Identity?

I recently read about a lady who had taken to Twitter to rage about American Airlines because when she had got her suitcase off the conveyor and opened it, she found that it was full of straps and high visibility vests etc. She posted online how all that the American Airlines had done was get her to fill in a form which I believe she found OUTRAGEOUS!

However, she did end up with egg on face when American Airlines investigated the baggage complaint and found they had her real suitcase in their lost luggage area, and it turned out she had not collected her case after all but one belonging to airline staff on the same flight.

I believe she did post an apology for her error, but it got me thinking.

What do you do to help you spot your luggage?

Are you a Colour Person?

Do you have a photo case? Or a case with a wild and wacky picture that is easily identified,

or perhaps you use straps, ribbons, Stickers etc to help you spot your luggage.

Let me know what you do to help you spot your bag in that ocean of bags on the conveyor and more so to make sure no-one else mistakes it for there own and walks off with it? What a nightmare that would be.

Do you have a tracker?

There are lots of gadgets and gizmos on the market to help you track your bag.  Although do be careful if your tracker involves checking on your phone as you cannot have your phones on in the baggage areas at some airports and it could land you in trouble.



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